WPAP Art, an Indonesian Pop Art

By Din Studio on December 23, 2022

Art is one of the ways to express one’s feelings and thoughts through the work created which can be in a variety of forms, such as the Wedha’s Pop Art Portrait (WPAP) art that is to be discussed in detail in this article. 

Wedha’s Pop Art Portrait (WPAP) is a portraying art founded by an Indonesian artist Wedha Abdul Rasyid in the 1980s and has become one of Indonesia’s most popular portraying art ever since. It has gained popularity because it combines pop art elements and traditional drawings to produce a unique, protruding picture in classic and modern nuances.

The WPAP’s main character is  the firm lines to form both face and body and the use of contrast, bright colors showing unique, protruding displays on the WPAP picture, making it an easily noticeable portraying art. 


wpap art

WPAP Making Techniques

Wedha’s Pop Art Portrait (WPAP) making techniques consist of several steps

  1. Firstly, the artist draws the subject’s face and body in accurate, firm lines.
  2. Next, the contrast, bright colors are applied on certain parts of the body, such as eyes, lips, and hair to add protruding impressions.
  3. The final step is to add details, for example accessories and backgrounds to make the WPAP picture perfect.

Such technique requires details and an excellent drawing skill. As a result, only people with excellent drawing expertise can create a WPAP art well.

WPAP Art Characteristic

In addition, the typical WPAP picture making techniques can be differentiated from the other ones with the following characters.

  1. WPAP mixes pop art elements and traditional drawings to produce a classic and modern nuance at a time. 
  2. WPAP uses the accurate, firm lines to form both face and body and the contrast, bright colors to add unique, protruding displays on the picture. 
  3. WPAP can only be done by people with exceptional drawing skill as the requirements and details make the picture perfect. Therefore, a WPAP picture has its own characters which are distinct to the others.

In brief, Wedha’s Pop Art Portrait (WPAP) art is a unique, protruding art internationally accepted as one of the most interesting, impressive portraying art due to its uniqueness and beauty.