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Softwares for Creating Your Own Fonts

In this post, I would like to share about paid and free softwares that could be used as font maker. For some of you that haven’t been able to afford or subscribe the paid one, there is other way to create font with free software. I disallow all of you to use illegal software due to the experience related to the product sales and the different learning process with the original one. So please remember not to use the illegal software!


These are some paid softwares to create vector:

  • Adobe Illustrator

This software has the Width Tool and it’s a highly recommended software for you who like to make a modern calligraphy font that is typically has the thin style. The disadvantage of this software is taking too much time in removing the nodes which means we have to click one by one to remove it. For the license, you can subscribe on this link.

  • Corel Draw

A lot of my friends enjoy this software because they get used to it even since they were still young. Corel Draw is quite speed and effective at removing the nodes compared to Adobe Illustrator eventhough the features are still behind them. However, Corel Draw is still good though. Buy the software to get the license or just subscribe on this link

  • Affinity Designer

To be very honest, I haven’t tried it before but many users say that this software is good. You guys can also add more information about Affinity Designer in the comment box below. Buy the software here

Here is the open-source software to create vector:

  • Inkspace

We have tried this software and the result is quite powerful to create fonts since the display and quality are similar to Corel Draw. You can download here



These are paid softwares for font format maker:

  • Font Creator

We can use this software to create fonts without coding. The price itself is relatively cheap. While the disadvantage of this software is when we copy and paste the character from vector software to Font Creator, usually there will be more nodes. But in my opinion, this software is already qualified and even easy to use. You can buy the license here

  • Fontlab

Many people use Fontlab as their tool to create fonts. The advantage of this software compared to Font Creator is when we copy and paste the character from vector software to Fontlab, the result is exactly the same. Even the amount of nodes do so. Yet, this software is a bit complicated to use since it is not an automatic program software which means we input the programming ourselves. Buy the license here.

  • Fontself

Fontself is a plug-in from adobe family. It’s easy to use and the price is cheaper than any other software since it is a plug-in. There are so many tutorials on youtube so you can check it yourself.

  • Glyphs

Glyphs is a font maker software for Mac users. This software has powerful features to design a font with variant of styles. You can buy the software here.

Here is the open-source software for font format maker:

  • Fontforge

Fontforge is a free software to create fonts so you can download and install it on your PC. Based on the review, this software is already qualified to create any type of font. Download the software here.


Actually, there are so many softwares you can use to create fonts. But we only give you the reference of software that often used by people. So that’s all. I hope you guys will find this article useful.

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