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Getting to Know a Graphic Designer

The roles of graphic designers are highly needed in this world of social media. Graphic designers are necessary in all kinds of organizations, such as the governance, private, profitable and nonprofitable sectors. 

Due to the high demands of graphic designers, many companies seek their services. The things to consider are what sort of job descriptions, responsibilities and required skills they need to have. Read the following information to get to know ‘Graphic Designers’. 


Who is a ‘graphic designer’?


graphic designer


A graphic designer is a visual communicator or a problem solver to overcome visual communication problems either with his hands or computers. A graphic designer has to be able to create an informative design sent to the right target people as clear and short as possible regarding its attention-catching design. 

A graphic designer’s way of working is based on collecting the data which are later outlined by designing elements, such as lines, colors, shapes, etc. according to the design principles which are composition, harmony, balance and unity. 

A graphic designer delivers his ideas to make the advertisements and promotions. The tools include fonts, shapes, colors, printed designs, photographs, animations, logos and advertising boards. He will collaborate with artists, multimedia animators and professionals in other creativity fields to do his projects. 


What are the roles and responsibilities of a graphic designers?

A graphic designer is to deal with projects as frequently as possible. Therefore, he has to take the whole responsibility with all his tasks. The roles and responsibilities of a graphic designer are:   

  • To convert verbal communications to interestingly understandable visual communications,
  • To communicate and consult the clients about their desired designs, 
  • To estimate the time taken to finish the job, 
  • To develop the clients’ desired design prototypes,
  • To think out of the box to create new ideas and concepts and develop the interactive designs,
  • To coordinate with the production team to control the quality of the products,  
  • To innovate to redefine a design in minimum time and budget, 
  • To present the completed ideas and concepts,
  • To proofread to create excellently accurate works,
  • To design illustrated works displayed in references, advertisements, websites, magazines, newspapers, comics, product covers, etc.


What are the required skills to have? 


designer working with tablet


The required skills for a graphic designer to have are: 

  • The skill to think creatively because a graphic designer will work on projects with different requirements at one time, so he needs to find as many resources as possible to work more creatively.   
  • The skill to communicate well for he has to deliver ideas in good visual forms to make them easily understandable. Besides, a graphic designer must have excellent oral and written communication skills to ease the focus on instructions, suggestions or even clients’ complaints. 
  • The skill to master designing applications, such as the Adobe softwares from Photoshop to Adobe Illustrator, as it is a must-have skill for every graphic designer to do the projects. 
  • The skill to do the presentation since the better the way to present, the easier the clients to understand the ideas.  
  • The skill of time management as it is very important for those who are doing a couple of projects at the same time and works can be done on time, so that the clients and employers will find the graphic designer truly professional.    


The types of graphic designers

Along with the high demands on digital contents, graphic designers are, therefore, classified based on their specialties as follows:

  • Advertising Designer
  • Visual Identity Designer
  • Motion Graphic Designer
  • Animation Designer
  • Illustrator Designer
  • Layout Designer
  • Typography Designer
  • User Interface (UI) Designer
  • User Experience (UX) Designer
  • Full Stack Designer


Where does a graphic designer work? 


graphic designer working at office


A graphic designer will always work as a part of the teams of copywriters, photographers, administrators, illustrators, other designers, account executives, web developers and marketing experts. Here are some places for a graphic designer to work:  

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Branding Consultants
  • Game Companies
  • Animation Companies
  • Production Houses
  • Software Houses
  • Freelancers


Now you know the job of a graphic designer. Are you fond of becoming one? 

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