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How to Use the Fonts from Din Studio


Thank you for purchasing our fonts. With this short article, we would like to show you how to use our fonts in any operating systems and free softwares. 



How to get the font files? 

After purchasing our fonts, we assure that you will receive a link to download the complete version which you can save on your desktop. Your files will be in the zip file format which you need to extract to a folder consisting of otf, ttf and woff files. 


How to install the fonts? 

You can start installing the fonts on Windows and Mac soon after you get the files. To install the files on Windows easily is by deleting the previously downloaded personal use font from your device, if you have downloaded it before, in order to get your full version files properly installed. Next, you can install the full version files right away on your device. You need to click on the file and hit the install button to get your files installed on Windows. Furthermore, you can use the ‘fontbook’ application to get your files installed on Mac by running the application and clicking on the ‘install’ font. 


How to use the fonts on the Adobe family?

It is easy to use the fonts on Adobe. You can use the fonts after installing them on your desktop. Run the Adobe application, for example Photoshop. Then, open the new file and click the ‘Type tool’ menu and you can start typing whatever you want. Next, choose the font you want. 

Some of our fonts are featured with opentype, such as swash and alternates. These features can be viewed by: 

  1. Block the letters of which alternates you want to display so that your desired files appear. Then, you can choose the alternate files that appear beneath the blocked font and click it.   
  2. In addition, you can bring alternates out by accessing the glyphs feature on Adobe software. Find the “A|” character, click it and all the glyphs will be shown. Now you are free to choose whatever glyphs you like. 
how to use fonts in adobe family


How to use the fonts in the Cricut Design Space? 

Using the Cricut Design Space to create designs is very easy. Our fonts can be applied on it as well. Here are some steps to utilize our fonts in the Cricut Design Space: 

  • Log in to your Cricut account with the correct email and password for sure and click ‘new project’. 
  • Click on the text menu and insert the text. Choose the font you have installed on your desktop. What will appear on your project is usually the main character. However, many people do not know how to access the special character (opentype feature) in the Cricut. It actually depends on the user’s operating system which may vary from one user to another, for example the Mac and the Windows. We are going to explain it in detail. 
  • Accessing special character (opentype feature) on Mac is effortless. First of all, you need to run your Fontbook application. Then choose your desired font and open the character map. Find the character you want to access. Special characters are usually at the bottom so you have to scroll it down. Next, click on your desired font. Press “Command + C ” to copy the character and reopen your Cricut application, press “Command + V” to paste your desired character. The result can be viewed as in the picture.


how to use fonts in cricut


how to use fonts in cricut

  • Accessing the special character (opentype feature) on Windows is basically similar to the Mac’s. The difference is just on the used application. Here are the steps you can do. To get it started, run the character map application on your Windows, or you can find it on the search menu and type ‘character map’. Click to open the application. Select the font -> Check the advance view. In the “Group By” option please choose Unicode Subrange. Please choose Private Use Characters. Find your desired character by scrolling down. When you find the character, just click it or you can click the select button. Finally, copy and paste it on your free software.


how to use fonts in cricut


How to use the fonts in Canva? 

Canva is one of the well-known editing softwares today. It is easy to use our fonts in this application. The thing you must do before starting to use the custom font in the Canva application is to subscribe to Canva Pro. After subscription, you may now upload fonts and start to design. Log in first to your application and click the Brand Kit menu. Then, on the left bottom corner you will find an upload font section. Beneath it, there is a button to upload your own fonts. You can upload your fonts in that section. Then you can create your own category design that you want. 

how to use fonts in canva


If you’re wondering how to access the special character fonts on Canva, the steps are similar to the ones in the Cricut. This point has been delivered in the previous explanations. Please reread it to have a better understanding.  The point is that you must run the character map on your desktop, copy and paste it in the right space.


How to use fonts in the Procreate application? 

Procreate is a paid application accessible via ipads. If you have installed the procreate application on your ipad, the steps to access our fonts are as follows: 

  • Find your downloaded font files in the zip format or the extracted font file format (otf, ttf).
  • Open the app file, search the file or the ZIP format of which summary you want to see. 
  • Click the file or the ZIP archive. 
  • The folder containing files will be made. 
  • Next, click the extracted font file (otf and ttf ). You will be automatically directed to the procreate application. 
  • The other way is to export the fonts, after opening the file font by using the procreate application. 

After installing the fonts, another thing you need to know is how to access the special character on procreate. The access to the special character can be done through the character viewer application. The Apple company has not provided the official application on iPad, but you can still use it on the app store provided by the Apple developer. The required application is ‘Unicode an fonteer’. The steps to use it are as follows:

  • Run the Fonteer application and add font collection

  • Open the font file where you save it and click the ‘share’ menu. Then select the ‘copy to fonteer’

how to use fonts in procreate

  • Select the font collection you have already created and press the ‘add’ button,
  • Press the ‘install font’ button and allow all steps,
how to use fonts in procreate
  • Open the iPad setting and go to the profile.
  • A new profile will be shown containing your font collection name. Click install and follow all of the steps.
how to use fonts in procreate
  • Open the unicode application and browse ‘font’.
how to use fonts
  • Select your desired font. Then find the glyphs you want.
  • Click ‘glyphs’ -> share -> copy
  • Finally run your procreate application and paste it on your created text. 



Thank you for looking and have a wonderful day. For more inspiration, you can follow our social media. Happy Designing!


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