Recommended Graphic Design Movies You Should Watch

December 28, 2022
Recommended Graphic Design Movies You Should Watch – Design is a constantly developing field and has been an important part... Read More

What is Dots Per Inch (DPI)?

December 27, 2022
Are you a designer who works on image printing? Then Dots Per Inch (DPI) is where you should start with.... Read More

Everything about Environmental Graphic Design (EGD)

December 26, 2022
When we go to public places such as train stations or airports, it will be difficult to move around without... Read More

Flat Design Style and Its Characters

December 24, 2022
Flat design is a graphic design style focusing on color and basic form usage to simplify the design and to... Read More

WPAP Art, an Indonesian Pop Art

December 23, 2022
Art is one of the ways to express one’s feelings and thoughts through the work created which can be in... Read More

Hidden Meanings in 9 Iconic Logos

December 22, 2022
Hidden Meanings in 9 Iconic Logos – A logo is one of the significant elements for a company’s or an... Read More

Understanding Bleed in Design for Printing

December 19, 2022
Every designer should have a firm grip of what bleed is and why it is important for the design process.... Read More

4 Simple Steps to Build Branding

December 13, 2022
One of the most influential, successful business factors is the branding. Building branding is a great way to create an... Read More

5 Basic Principles of Layout in Graphic Design

December 12, 2022
Design layout is no longer a new concept for people who work in the design world. It functionally and aesthetically... Read More

Ready to Create an Infographic Design? Check These Tools Out!

November 16, 2022
Creating infographics definitely requires the best tools that work faster. Infographic itself is a diagram or image telling about one... Read More

Most Common Background in Graphic Design

November 14, 2022
There is no denying that graphic design background serves some functions, such as enhancing texture or strengthening an image or... Read More

Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Designers

November 12, 2022
Google Chrome Extensions are a great way to help you do tasks and increase work productivity. Such as the web... Read More
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