What Makes Big Companies Change Their Logos to Simpler Ones?

By Din Studio on August 26, 2022

A lot of companies’ logos have been completely changed or partly modified following the latest trends in today’s era and the adjustments to their companies’ principles.

Owing to the current business development, companies have figured out that simple logos are more  flexible, unique, memorable than complex ones. Logos are what customers see from companies representing their businesses and brandings. Consequently, good logos have to include the following criteria.


Logos As Companies/Business Image

There is no doubt that logos represent their brands in the market. Therefore, simplifying logos with some modifications is the best way to have logos remembered by the audience due to the fact that the more complex the logos, the slower the branding process will be and vice versa. As a result of simplified logos, companies are able to create brandings regularly and to introduce their simple logos which are likely to be displayed in the following products.


Business documents always make use of letterheads as companies’ identities on which simplified logos can be inserted to make them well known by business partners, investors and government officials.

Product Packages

Companies often stick their logos on product packages to introduce their brands so that they can create branding processes through packages. It is clear that through the simple logos the audience will recognize the distributing companies of the products.

Social Media

It is a good idea for companies to add simple logos on the profile picture of their social media account to introduce people to their logos while doing the branding processes quickly at the same time.


Companies may use their simple logos while promoting products to let customers know the companies’ identities. Branding processes run hand in hand as well.


Providing data and identities are the main reasons for a company to have a simple logo for easier notice. Additionally, a logo must be  specific to possess its own unique character. To create a recognizable, specific logo, you need to do some research in advance as explained below.

Competitors’ Logos

By doing research, you will find out your competitors’ logos to make them your additional references for designs’ effectiveness to create a more dominant looking logo and to bring more prestige to yours.

Internet Research

Finding out your competitors’ logos, you need to figure out other hype designs on the internet because today’s logos are made in simply elegant styles. You may seek for logo ideas by comparing yours to the existing logos.

Companies’ Principles

Decide your logo design based on your company’s principles after the logo research and keep in mind that a logo must accelerate the company’s image with its attractive, elegant looking design. Furthermore, you may start creating the proper logo design for your company in the long run.


Plenty of big companies insert a mascot on their designs in as tiny as possible size yet representing the companies’ profiles. A mascot may sometimes be a reference to create a memorable, attractive logo.

Companies’ Names

It is possible that, instead of using mascots, you simplify companies’ names to create attractive main logos by modifying the letters and numbers. Colors also take part in creating more effective designs.


Making Companies’ Logos Flexible and Applicable

Companies indeed need logos to represent their identities. Therefore, they have to create simple logos as flexible as they can, meaning the logos are applicable in any situation regarding the companies’ image representation.

Furthermore, logos as companies’ identities are supposed to be long lasting after being modified or changed. Bad logo planning designs may result in an unreliable durability. For that reason, there are four aspects to consider to create flexible, applicable logos.


An object is basically the core of the logos you are creating which can be mascots, typography, or any related objects in line with companies’ principles illustrating the companies’ products. Objects, therefore, should be through a careful selection with precise philosophy for the reasons of logos’ durability and image representations. The logos’ flexibility will improve if the logos’ objects are in line with the companies’ principles.


In addition to the influential aspect for the audience to perceive the logos, colors play important roles to affect how the logos will look either inside or outside objects. Thereby, a color selection should be through a very careful consideration.


Arranging the proper words through typography helps companies to decide the best logos such as companies’ names, slogans, principles and abbreviations which are properly adjusted with the right letters to create outstanding logos.

Such typographies in logos are CocaCola, Netflix and Google which are simply looking due to their typography techniques. Additionally, typography logos have been well-known for their flexibility and durability from time to time.


Timeless, Everlasting Logos

The last aspect to consider creating company logos is timelessness. You have to create such reliably durable logos at all costs in this changing world. Combining those tips above is a great idea to create attractive logos for any companies.

Furthermore, simply recognizable logos are uncomplicated logo designs with some little elements and main objects to make them look attractive, for example AW, HBO, CNN and Netflix.

Besides, you may use other inspirations as tools to create logos. Keep in mind that to get people’s attention, logos do not have to be quite eye-catchy. All you have to do is to create simply everlasting ones.

The changing era means nothing if you have easily memorable logos with you. Moreover, it will be even more durable if the logos can be easily created because of its simplicity. It is without doubt that such logos will remain popular in the very long run.