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Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Designers

Google Chrome Extensions are a great way to help you do tasks and increase work productivity. Such as the web developer or graphic designer uses them to complete the projects.

For that reason, you should know which extensions are available on google chrome. Because every extension has different functions and designers could optimize them more.


google chrome extensions


Knowing Some of Google Chrome Extension

There are countless google chrome extensions we can take advantage of. You are suggested to know each of their features. Some extensions are as follows:

Fonts Ninja

If you are working on a design, there is always a time you need more font references. We often have a nice design ready yet wonder which font to apply. Fonts Ninja is an extension to help you deal with the problem.

This extension will tell you which font looks good on your design, you can have a try-on too before making the decision. It is quite helpful, isn’t it?


This is another google chrome extension that you can use to test your web page with various types of color vision deficiency.

Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) affects people’s ability to differentiate particular colors. It is estimated around 200 millions people in the world are affected by several types of CVD.

This extension will perform a web page test for people with different CVD types. Such an effective way to visualize data in a web page because it lowers the risk of applying colors that tend to be less visible for people with color blindness.


The next google chrome extension is a must-installed Colorzilla. It is an add ons on browsers and helps provide color code information on a website.

This extension helps you to apply identical colors from one favorable website. You can install these add ons for free on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Those two browsers are very popular today. Colorzilla offers a lot of interesting features, such as eyedropper, webpage DOM analyzer, zoom option and pallet viewer. 

Eyedropper is a Coorzilla feature that you can make use to collect every color on browser windows. This color picker is also found on Photoshop.

This google chrome extension also features a zoom option which helps us to get the right color on the browser. Next, it offers a pallet viewer feature which is compatible with GIMP.

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. You can analyze and explore more about various color codes of a website.

Use the DOM analyzer web page feature to find them. Next is an ultimate CSS gradient generator feature. It makes color gradients in CSS easy to complete, conforming to the users’ needs.

The next feature is unarguably important, the online palette viewer. Not only it allows you to see, but also marks the color pallets available online.

Those useful features on google chrome extension also share the color palette on social media.

History and favorite palettes features are saving any palettes that we have applied. It also records every color palette used by users frequently.

This extension also comes with multi platform tools which are available both on windows or linux operating systems. Finally, it features the auto copy color palette.

The last feature measures the distance between 2 points on the browser. It creates color composition too, such as CMYK, LAB and HEX code. Everything is possible in one click away.


The next extension is lightshot which takes screenshots of information while you are browsing. Compared to other similar extensions, it edits the result before saving it. 

However, this google chrome extension is available only on google chrome. You should visit the chrome web store to have it installed. The lightshot symbol is seen on the  top right corner on the browser.

It offers a more practical way because the editing process is done faster. Of course, you could save more time rather than press the print screen key on the keyboard to take some screenshots.

This extension allows you to cut the required parts only. Quite different from the print screen, you have to capture the whole screen before cutting and editing the result.

That is not an effective way to do it if the shots are taken multiple times. To deal with it, Lightshot is a better option to take some screenshots in no time and share them on social media.


There are more extensions that google chrome offers out there. We recommend you to know some of google chrome extensions and their functions which you can make use of them to complete the tasks more efficiently.


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