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Urban Street Style Design Elements (Brutalism Style)

Urban Street Design is every one’s favorite theme. Do you know the five supporting elements to create urban street style designs? Well, such elements are utilized to build harmony in the designs with which you can create your own urban street designs.

Here are the following five supporting elements in the urban street style theme.


Urban Street Design Element Shape 

The shape of a graphic design is one of the elements to plan in advance from which you will be able to create your design plans perfectly. To consider this case, pay closer attention to the following element shapes.

Wireframe Shape

It is a blueprint frame in geometric lines used to show the street style expressions.

Wavy Line

Its ordinary wavy patterns need your creativity to deal with it. Wavy line fits in black-and-white, asymmetric, and zig-zag patterns. Therefore, you decide your own urban street style designs by exploring your creativity.

Y2k Shape

Y2k or Year 2000, referring to its name, is a retro urban street design first created in 2000 in which period a characterized graphic design was made. The font’s design illustrates technology, automotif, typography and visual arts in the 2000s completed with color options, texture, and effects to create Y2k design.

Star Shape

We have all been very familiar with a star design as it is a commonly used style. If you place the star design more lively and unique, it will look even greater than you think. Moreover, the star design used to be  eye-catchy due to its unique display.


The last shape on the list is barcode design formed in 1D and 2D on their own types. The 2D barcode includes QR Code, Data Metrix, Code Aztec and PDF 417. Next, the barcode 1D can be UPC numeric code, EAN, Code 39, Code 128, Code 93, Barcode ITF 14 digits, Codabar, GSI Databar and MSI Plessey.


5 Textures of Urban Street Design

Besides the design patterns, you need to be able to choose the right design textures which we have summarized the five textures to help you to beautify your designs. Here are the following five textures to use in the urban street style design.

Plastic Wrap

This texture illustrates as if a certain object is being inserted into a plastic wrap. As a result of the texture effect, it gives the object a wavy look. Therefore, a lot of people use his texture to add abstract impressions on the object.

Folded Paper

Folded paper adds some folding textures as if the design is finished and has ever been folded before.

Grain Texture

People have still been using small circle and grain textures until today.  The reason to use such a texture is to add rough textures on the design to make it look “wilder”

Grunge Texture

To create a brutalism style, Grunge texture fits in every way due to its random display. Grunge gained its popularity in the 1980s at the hype of rock and metal bands. Its random, unpatterned display shows people unique impressions.

 Printed/Pressed Texture

Printed and pressed papers can show unique displays because graphic design objects look more real with this texture and Urban Street Design can even look more wonderful.


The Effect Element in Urban Street Style

Next step for a better urban street style design is the effect, which you can use as a supporting tool to enhance your designs. Here are the effects you can use to add extra beauty to your designs.

Halftone Effect

This effect produces dot or spot patterns on your designs resulting in a retro-like design with small dots. A traditional bitmap photo often shows half stone effects because of the bad camera quality.

Ink Bleed Effect

Next commonly used Urban Street design effect in typography is the Ink Bleed Effect which you can use to create designs in “printed/pressed” displays as if the text is printed but the ink is either leaking or dirty.

Pressed Effect

On our third list of effects to play parts on your visual conditions is the pressed effect which is an element to emphasize the objects so that the visual display becomes more alive due to its 3D picture display.

Threshold Effect

Next on the list is the threshold effect using masking and gradient colors as the main focus. you can choose a certain object using masking. Then, visual objects are improved by changing the color gradient of the Urban Street Design.

Gradient Map Effect

Finally, we have a Map Effect gradient exploring color variations on certain parts. your graphic design will surely look more interesting if only the color gradients match and balance to each other. Yet, it will fail if the colors do not match. Therefore, just leave this job to the one expertising in it.


Brush Style Urban Street Design Element

Besides the three elements above, there are also three typography changing brush elements to create outstanding typographies. Those three elements are Graffiti, Chalk/Charcoal and Marker/Ink. 

The graffiti drawing technique is more dominant owing to its brutalism style. On the other hand, the chalk and ink drawing techniques display only abstract typography styles.

If you expertise in the techniques, you will be able to combine the brush styles. In addition, Urban Street Style generally applies typography technique for it is more attractive. The more you know typography techniques, the more easily you can design in various techniques. Experience is the key to get the best results.


Types of Fonts Used for Typography

The last element you need to create such an outstanding Urban Street Design is the letter types and their selections. There are four letter types in typography; wide effect, condensed effect, graffiti text, and gothic black letter effect. 

The wide effect widens the text to display the typography in digital, modern, retro, scientific forms. Besides, the condensed effect will display the text in 3D effect as in the “pressed”. 

Graffiti text has been so common that you can imagine how it looks by yourself. The last effect is the gothic black letter of which display is fully black adjusting the typography patterns. It does not fit into retro and black-and-white because the letter is fully blackened. However, every element will be important to some extent to create a great Urban Street Design.

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