TTF and OTF. What Makes Them Different?

By Din Studio on January 8, 2022

Have you frequently seen the TTF and OTF notices? Are you mixed up with what they mean? Pay closer attention to the following explanations. 

If your job deals with graphic designs, you will definitely work on fonts and find the font format terms such as the TTF and OTF when searching and downloading fonts. 


ttf and otf



OpenType Fonts (OTF)

OpenType Fonts (OTF) is developed by Microsoft from the TrueType which is later improved by the cooperations between Adobe and Microsoft including the integration to its applications. 

OTF is completed with more features than the TTF. The advantages of OTF are its capacity of 65.000 character storage and ability to save several font types such as the regular, bold, italic, etc. in one file. With its huge capacity of character storage, OTF is more flexible in making designs. 

Also, OTF offers extra services as the following: 

  • Ligature: a combination of two blended different fonts 
  • Glyphs: alternative characters of general ones
  • Alternative characters: non-number characters such as the symbols 

OTF is even able to add a digital signature in the set font. 


TrueType Font (TTF)

TrueType Fonts (TTF) is a standard font format developed by Apple in the late 1980s to rival the Type 1 font by Adobe. It is one of the most commonly used fonts in Mac OS and Windows operating systems. 


The differences between TTF and OTF

As per the explanations above, OTF has more advantages than TTF because of its huge storage capacity of various font elements in one file. 

If you are a graphic designer, the OTF format is perfect for you. However, the differences between the two font types will affect nothing if you are ordinary users who do not use any designing applications.


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