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Top Logo Design Trends of 2022

Logo is an essential aspect for both businessmen or organizations. We have seen the 2022 logo emerge with a unique trend, just like the previous years. Similar to fashion, logo design with new styles being developed every year. 

In 2022, most logos were created in various styles such as blurry text, retro, stretched and others. You should consider those trends to give your logo a distinctive and up-to-date makeover. 

However, keeping up with the latest trends will make your design look common or doesn’t form the brand identity. You can expect to see the trends for inspiration, featuring your branding elements to add later. 

So, ready for the most popular design or new styles creation? Here are our reference lists we have collected. 

top logo in 2022


Observing 2022 Logo Style Trends 

Technology development advances the way of making logos. Many companies or institutions make their own style,  conforming to their visions and missions. 

But still, they also keep up with the current trend to stay relevant. Find more references from some design styles as follows: 

Retro 90′ Style

Originally, the 2022 logo with retro 90′ design style was adopted from a once-popular trend in the 90s. This design started to hype in 2021, right after Burger King rebranding. 

Known as the leading fast food restaurant, they return to their old symbol with a twist of adjustment and changes. Evoking a sense of nostalgia, their design appears more modern. 

If you want a similar design, start from a symbol first before making modern adjustments. It works well for old brands to boost up customers’ intimacy.

Because adding nostalgic vibes to design plays an important role in improving customers’ intimacy and solidarity. Particularly for long-term consuments. 

Stretched & Continuous Lettering

The latest 2022 logo follows a unique trend; applying stretched & continuous lettering for their displays. Those designs show unlimited ambiences and impressive effects. 

If you play with those unique letters, you will get curved and distinctive logos. 

These 2022 logo style is giving infinite and unrestrain vibes, perfect for free-style brands such as clothing or food branding. 

For instance, STEVE KRANCO has bigger E letters in STEVE, so does the letters A and O in KRANCO. The result shows an imposing logo that carries the brand’s uniqueness. 

Contrast Line Thickness

Letters aren’t the only one style we are seeing in 2022 logo trends. Designers are also playing with varying line thickness on both letters or other combinations in design. The use of different lines is new and different which new brands are quite attracted to. 

Especially newcomers on the scene with brand awareness to establish. This style changes the design paradigm, in the cases where lines were either thick or thin to contrasting thick and thin in one design. 

The changes look simple but quite impactful. The youngsters would love it from the first sight. 

This style has a dynamic and courageous feel of the 2020s. Perfect for brands with enthusiasm for changes. 


Another recurring style in 2022 logo trends is whitespace. Whitespace is also known as negative space. It is a blank space in a logo design. 

For instance, a brand name is written in the middle of a 10×10 cm room and the background left empty. Designers treat it as a blank space to fill in creatives ideas,  creating a unique and attractive design. 

Take a coffee shop logo, for example. We could fill the blank space with coffee beans or other related elements. 

Adapting whitespace to 2022 logo trends minimize useless space in a design. When you need to change your logo’s look before printing or for seasonal editions, whitespace is very helpful. 

It allows you to easily change your design, without having to completely change it. The main logo would remain the same, while the background or whitespace wouldn’t. 

Layered Elements

2022 logo trends has various ranges, starting from regular shapes to modified lines, shapes and backgrounds. Designers are exploring geometric shapes to create a bizarre logo. 

However, it doesn’t work with a one-to-one geometric shape, rather than piling them up. The result shows different layer shapes with different slice shapes as well. 

Next, adding the colors-play to make the layers stand out. This technique creates classical logos while being applicable to modern use. 

It works well on dynamic brands, either products or services. Combining layered designs with colors representing brand makes the logo easily recognized

Typography Take Shape

Following the 2022 logo trends is shaped typography. They have two dashing and eye-catching styles you could use:

It is a technique where your letters or words framing the logo. Such as choosing a coffee cup to represent a coffee shop, then framing it with the shop’s name. 

Pay more attention to the image size first before deciding the text size and shape. You could have various ranges of text size (big or small) as a frame.

The thing is, make the image clearly seen and the letters-frame is easily read. Adding the year of establishment or slogan to the frame would deliver certain meaning to the audiences.

The 2022 logo trend also uses typography within the image. The element could be anything, for a burger brand for example, the text could be placed between upper and lower bun. 

For a fruit store, place one of a fruit; like a watermelon. Then add the store name inside it. 

The logo should be able to deliver the true philosophy once the typography text is placed. The selected image should suit the brand identity, otherwise it will leave your audiences in bewilderment. 

Make sure the text is naturally nestled within the logo, letting the logo look solid and easily remembered by the audiences. 


The logo design trends surely develop from time to time, but you don’t always have to follow. The logo is your brand’s face which should be wisely designed, rather than riding the waves. 

In addition, these ranges of styles are prone to combine into one design, making a distinctive logo which suits your own style. The 2022 logo isn’t a must followed trend, you could make brand adjustments when needed.

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