Tips to Design a Logo and How Significant It Is for a Business Branding

By Din Studio on November 6, 2021

Building a new brand has to be very carefully prepared. One of the significant things is the logo because it is absolutely your brand’s character. An excellent logo should represent your products or companies and be easily memorizable.  





This is a logo which displays only the name of the company. It is a good way to let people recognize your brand easily. The companies using the logotype are Google and Visa. 

google logo


It contains only the first letters of each phrase and is easy to understand either visually or phonetically. The companies using the abbreviation are HBO and IBM.   

hbo logo

Symbol and Graphic Mark

A graphic mark (symbol) is a central branding element to create a unique character of your business. The companies using this logo type are Twitter and Apple.

apple logo


A mascot is the right choice for companies targeting their products to families and children, as in the KFC logo. 

kfc logo 

An abstract logo shows only one or some geometric line(s), such as diamond, triangle, square, lines and other types of shape. The big companies using the abstract logo are Adidas and Pepsi. An abstract picture represents many creative ideas and positive thoughts. 


It shows words, symbols, or signs inside a geometric line. Emblem is often used by schools, universities, social organizations and state institutes. The company using the Emblem is Starbucks.

starbucks logo

Combination Mark

A combination mark is a combination among letters and pictures, which is the most popular logo type among the rests. Icons and texts are mixed in different ways either side to side or overlapping. The companies with this logotype are Burger King and Lacoste. 

lacoste logo



Now that you know the types, you can decide which logo style you would prefer for your brand. The next step is how to make your logos eye-catchy

Nevertheless, designing a logo is not as easy as it seems. You need some tips to make your logo represent your brand values.



Apply the technique of the visual double entendre

Visual double entendre is a term used to describe one picture with two different meanings. You may apply this tip when designing for company. This technique gives the impression of being intelligent and artistic to a logo. 

Match the hues

Each color has its own meaning to be effectively used to deliver ideas of your brand. Choose the awesome and appropriate hues for your brand’s philosophy.  

Use the customized fonts

If you want to add letters to your logo, make sure to use the customized fonts. By using the customized fonts, you can have uniquely different typography from other brands. In addition, you are free to choose any font types that suit your taste, such as handwriting, elegant, display, etc. Your brand design will look more authentic with such customized fonts. 

Simple design outlines 

Simple design outlines show high class impressions that add certain characters to your logos making them seemingly unique with deep philosophies. 

A successful logo is the one which is unique and recognizable. Designing a unique logos is by using either common pictures or symbols  mixed with eye-catchy colors.

Create a certain message in each element

A logo represents the brand’s philosophy behind it of which meaning can be in the forms of either stated or implied. 



Now you know the tips to design a logos. Then, where can you design it? You need to use the right tool to do it.




Here are some websites you can use


This platform provides you everything you need to design an outstanding logo, for example the font options, icons, colors, formattings and layouts. 


Oberlo is a dropshipping add-on created exclusively for Shopify. Beside its main function, Oberlo provides a feature to design online shops logos for free. 


Canva is a designing platform created to help non designers meet their need of visual contents. Designing a free logos on Canva is not a hard thing to do. If you do not have any idea at all to create a logos, you can just use the templates provided by Canva. 


GraphicSprings is the right choice to design a versatile logo which is able to use on various media brandings. 


Besides Oberlo, Shopify provides a tool to create an online logos called Hatchful. Unlike Oberlo, hatchful offers some options to create a more complete online logos for free. This platform does suit you who want to explore your creativity. 


When you are still mixed up with creating a logos, you may ask a professional graphic designer to help you choose and create the best logo for your brand. Happy designing!