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The 8 Most Common Types of Graphic Design

Graphic designers are often thought of as a specific profession in the advertising field. But there are even more graduates working on different fields within the design.

Graphic design is an art painting form, creating visual composition to solve the problems, as well as conveying ideas through typography, images, colors, and shapes. Of course, there are a variety of different ways to create one.

Graphic designers work on their particular types of specializations. While one career may look similar to another, they all have certain skills and design techniques that are required.

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Different Types of Most Common Graphic Designers

We live in a world where most companies prefer employees who know how to design graphics. Considering visual development more than audio or textual communications.

The rapidly changing industry requires graphic designers to continually adapt and learn. To this end, designers may switch or add specialization throughout their line of work.

Visual Identity Graphic Design

A brand is everything about business and their target audiences. While brand identity refers to what your business says about their personality, tones, essences, emotion, memories and experience.

The same things apply to Visual Identity Graphic Design. This profession works to create identity visual elements generating a company’s face. They are meant to communicate intangible qualities in images, shapes and colors.

Designers who specialize in this field may collaborate with stakeholders to create a company’s assets. Such as logos, typography, color pallets and images collection which represent the brand identity.

Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design

Most people are assuming graphic design closely relates to advertising and marketing fields. It is not entirely wrong because marketing is the key element of a company’s strategy using their target audiences’ buying decision process. 

The best marketing strategy involves their audiences’ needs, wants, awareness, satisfaction, services and brands. These designers opt to work individually, while other times they are a part of the creative  team.

While it focuses more on printed, they can widen their specialization to various ranges of digital assets, concerning content and advertisements needs. Marketing designers usually team up with the business owner, directors, managers or professional marketers.

Some examples of marketing design graphic tools created are magazine or newspaper advertisements, flyers, posters, banners, billboards, infographics, printed or digital brochures, email marketing templates, website images and so on.

UI Graphic Design

User interface (UI) is the process of how a user interacts with software or applications. UI Graphic Designers responsible for UI design that is easy to access and user-friendly. 

In context, UI focuses on the user’s visual experience and graphic design elements on screen. They are tasked to perfectly coordinate between its aesthetic appeal and technical functions.

UI Graphic Design is mainly concerned with applications, be it on desktop, cellular, web or game. These designers require collaboration with UX designers, who decide how the application works, while the UI designers do the coding.

UI graphic designers need to have good design graphic skills as well as understand fundamental principles of UI/UX, responsive design and web development. It includes the programming languages of HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

Publication Graphic Design

Publication Graphic Design is a very classic design related to books, newspapers, magazines and catalogs. With the rise of digital publications, they are still securing the position.

Publication designers involve editors and publishers to develop layout with typography as well as photographs, graphics and illustrations. Sometimes they work as a freelancer, but some other times they are a part of a creative division or publishing company.

Graphic designers in the publication industries need to have effective communication and creative layout skills. They are prone to understand color management, printing and digital publishing. Some of their works are bulletins, catalogs, magazines, yearly reports, newspapers and others.

Packaging Graphic Design

Product packaging design is the most visible aspect to have direct interaction with customers. They are responsible for packaging design concepts, developing mockup or print-ready files.

After all, designers require a working knowledge and skills of the printing process as well as recognizing the design and manufacturing industry. Packaging design usually specifies on packaging labels, drink can or  food industry.

Packaging graphic design almost covers all designers’ careers. It is no longer a surprise to find them creating other assets such as photography, illustrations or visual identity.  

Motion Graphic Artist

As the name suggests, motion graphic means moving graphics such as animations, videos, audios, typography, and effects for online media, films and television. This specialization, however, is quite new for designers.

Motion graphics are actually meant for TV and films. This is a growing type of design as commonly found on digital platforms, creating new fields and opportunities.

Motion Graphic Artist could be anything from advertisement to animated logo, presentation, tutorial videos, promotion videos, applications, banners, websites, GIFs and video games.

Environmental Graphic Design

The next graphic designer on the list is Environmental Graphic Design that works to connect people to places visually. It is an effective way to improve more impressive, interesting and easy-to-navigate experiences.

One of specific Environmental Graphic Design is Wayfinding. This graphic design involves strategic name boards, landmarks and visual signals to help people identify their current places.

This is a multi discipline of graphic design combining everything from graphic design, to architecture, interior, landscape and so does industry. They often collaborate with some other divisions to create a plan and implement their design.

Environmental Graphic Design work on all these projects such as wall murals, navigation for public transportations, road signs, office brand, retail shop interior, conference rooms, stadion signs and more. 

Art and Illustration for Graphic Design

Designers who specialize in this field  are often confused with graphic design in general, when in fact, they are completely different. Graphic design using composition to communicate and solve the problems.

While Art and Illustration for Graphic design creates original artworks in different forms. Such as fine arts, decorations and illustrations. These assets are commonly used for commercial purposes.

Often, these designers work with writers, editors, marketers, managers and art directors of different graphic design. In general, graphic artists should have basic skills on fine arts, animations or architectures.

Graphic artists work on projects such as websites, comics, stock images, graphic textile patterns, t-shirt designs, book covers, art albums, technical illustrations, infographics and more. 


Graphic design field is continuously ever-evolving, along with higher demands of skilled designers. If you are interested in being one, learn more about graphic designers responsibilities to help you identify which specialization you need. 

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