The 7 Common Types of Designers

By Din Studio on September 29, 2022

The digital era creates different types of designers. It was previously famous for clothing, interior and anything related to physical form. But today, we also have digital designers as a profession.

Since the latter provides more job opportunity and salary, some institutions add this program to their department.

Interested in knowing more? Keep reading to explore the 7 types of designers.

Types of Designers


Knowing the 7 Types of Designers in Digital Era

Do you know what a designer means? Someone who is responsible for planning, communicating ideas and delivering the message to the audiences.

Technology makes this profession more needed than before. Here are the 7 types of designers and what they do.

Graphic Designer

It is the most common type of designer you have ever known. This profession is in charge of creating design for digital products such as logo, brochure, advertisement and others.

They frequently use various software to create their designs.

Usually, clients will share their request, be it a promotion or digital product, and explain it roughly. A graphic designer then creates a design concept as per their order.

This profession mainly works with promotion and company or business and product branding.


The second type of profession is an Illustrator, which popularity soars high in this digital era. These designers create illustrations or image assets.

Even when they are called an illustrator, they also use design software to make designs, vectors and others.

Tools commonly used by illustrators are Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, Paint Tool Sai or Procreate. A good illustrator would utterly know how to use them.

This type of designers has nothing to do with an excellent hand-drawing skill, as what the public claimed. On the contrary, an illustrator might not be able to draw in pencil or pen.

In fact, they have to excel using any applications to get the image asset completed, just like what the graphic designers order. An illustrator is also working on flat design, book cover illustration, doodle and digital printing products.

User Interface (UI) Designer

This is the most popular profession among the youngsters. They prefer to be a UI designer for its high paid salary.

This type of designer needs to have a special skill to get the job done. They are responsible for the user’s visual experience using an application or website.

If you are an artistic person, you might find yourself suited to this profession. However, creating an application or website also needs your understanding of user experience design.

UI designers should be able to create a user-friendly application or website. It is not only pleasingly aesthetic but also user-friendly, mainly for new or amateur users.

User Experience (UX) Designer

Another type of designer which is similar to a UI designer is the UX designer. They regularly work with UI designers but carry different responsibilities.

While a UI designer creates attractive and user-friendly design for an application or website, a UX designer is responsible for the user’s best experience.

The stated experience means the user’s experience while using the application or website. Later, this profession is also responsible for enhancing website or application user experience.

This type of designer is in charge of usability, accessibility and interaction between user and application/website. They fail to shape the service once the users experience a bad UX.

UX designers usually work in a team, focusing on optimising applications or websites to create the best user experience. The number of the team depends on how big the sites they are working on.

Product Designer

Product Designers are usually tasked with creating designs for websites, applications, or other digital products. Most of them are also good at marketing.

These types of designers measure website/application display or other promotion products to make an impactful impression with your users. Significantly, their duty relates to the company’s image and brand.

Product designers need to have a glimpse of UI and UX design principles, apart from marketing awareness. In short, this profession preferred you to have multi-skills at the same time.

Having a lot of workload and requiring different skills make this job earn more money than other designers. Interested in pursuing a career as a product designer?


When most people watch a movie or other shows, they directly associate it with our next type of designer, animator.

An animator is famous as a cartoon designer which people often mistakenly assume that they are the film-maker. In fact, these are two different professions with different tasks as well.

Apart from cartoons, animators also create 2D or 3D assets for music video, film, advertisement or website. While film-maker makes either short or long movies. They have their own tasks, eventhough an animator might turn into a film-maker.

The software animators likely to use include Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effect and Blender. They are mostly an expert in operating several software at once.

Motion Graphic Artist

Motion Graphic Artists mainly sketch and create animation for the company’s needs. Usually, this type of designer works on company animation for publication purposes.

Their main task is making motion graphics more viable than before. They are also responsible for generating modest and simple ideas to an exceptional promotion design.

Motion graphic, also known as motion design, is a part of graphic design since it uses the same graphic design principles during film or video making, be it animation or movie.

In other words, a motion graphic artist creates visual content such as video or motion graphic animation. Also, they are responsible for sketching the design and concept as well.

This explanation should clear any misperception between illustrator and animator, since they work on different tasks. Even they go to different departments to study.


One of the preferred professions in the digital graphic industry is a designer, which has a variety of different specialisations. Each designer carries different tasks and responsibilities.

If you are interested in choosing a career path as a digital designer, make sure to grasp the specificized skills needed. Since each type of designer requires you to master different skills.