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Take Away Packaging Design Tips

In today’s food and beverages business, it is important for you to consider your take away packaging design. Since competing in FnB business is more than developing innovative products.

The competition already starts from the store shelves. Once the product is displayed, it gains more exposure from their prospective buyers.

However, displaying products doesn’t equal massive purchasing. Think about how your product is surrounded by other big brands, to discover more drawing-attention packaging.

takeaway packaging design


Tips to Attractive Take Away Packaging Tips

If you take a closer look at the shelves, you will discover a wide range of take away packaging design and how they were perfectly adjusted to the product needs. Here are some tips to inspire you to design powerful packaging.

Keep It Simple

Minimalist and simple design is quite the trend today, for serving a cleaner and neat look. A very common mistake found is customers are bombarded with product information from the beginning of the purchasing process.

Those excessive details, however, make your packaging visual go unnoticed. Most companies neglect the customers’ need for stunning visual design when in fact, it is heavily involved in purchase decisions.

You can’t go wrong with minimalist design. Designers such as Zean Tea and Konrad Sybliski added smooth elements to emphasize the packaging features. For instance, they place small size logos on the bottom right corner.

Think Outside the Box

Our next packaging design tip is thinking out of the box. It is a saying that means to explore creative and uncommon ideas, as well ideas that are boundless and unrestricted by rules and traditions.

Aqua Rose bottle packaging by Cabinet has clearly delivered the message by executing 3D designs for a more exclusive vibe. The upper part is made like rose petals, providing an easy-grip bottle.

Those accentuated details also meant to neutralize the weight of the bottom of the bottle. The exceptional bottle design charges higher production cost but still profitable once their target market affords it. 

Keep It Mysterious

A great way for you to create a memorable packaging is by hiding the product’s details, including the company name. Try observing the non-alcoholic cocktail packaging called Superfly, designed by the Firefly. Their eccentric design originated from the nature of the drink; bright and trendy.

The final result exhibits strong attractiveness since most of the design packaging is full of image and fruit icons. Even with different flavors, they go with similar designs.

Bright colors on the packaging never fail to draw attention. Not to mention the missing company logo on the front part. When customers land their eyes to a pop-up design, they will turn the packaging looking for the brand name.

Think about Longevity

A lifetime design is seen on their beauty and slenderness. Just like what we have seen on Ethical is Beauty packaging, a cosmetic brand with soap and other bath amenities products.

Ethical is Beauty produces different products with different sizes. The company consistently places their adjustable lotus logo on each products’ labels.

Consider the Customers

In order to create an attractive packaging design, you have to understand who your target market is to get them to buy the products. We can refer to Sassafras packaging, a company of household products for mothers and children.

When the mother unpacks the wraps, they would find an animal mask of zebra, monkey, donkey or hippopotamus. This unique concept is adapted to let the mother do the cooking while their children are having fun.

The creative packaging also reflects the company’s continuity value. In addition, they choose to use 100{d808542e3a38684a629614128c7511c0d746b2afbcc597c99adfe2fd933a7222} non-adhesive recycled packaging materials.

Sustainable for Product

An inspiring packaging we should identify more belongs to the Truth Coffee, a row of high-end coffee in Cape Town, South Africa. Similar to other coffee shops, using disposable cups contributed to waste disposal problems.

Everyday, hundreds of thousand disposable cups are getting thrown away while they couldn’t be biodegraded. This situation initiates Native VML, a South Africa creative agent, to cooperate with Truth Coffee.

Apart from considering the packaging design, they also look for a zero-wasted coffee cup. Finally, they made a biodegradable cup, which came with a shell of herbal seeds that can grow.

First, they go with crumpling the herbal seed shell. Next, the seed is placed into the cup then filled with soil. Their customers can get this plant home for their garden.

Truth Coffee really makes a good move with their uncommon coffee packaging and performing sustainable programs at the same time. The collaboration between the creative agent and retailers created an innovative and eco-friendly packaging.

Give your Product Story

Never leave your narrative or explanation about the brand when it comes to packaging. You could try making a collage based on illustrations. Gather Premium Pet Food, an organic, sustainable and transgenic-free, is a good example to discover.

Their cat and dog food product comes from selected suppliers. Particularly suppliers who are looking for a package design which conforms to the company’s value.

The designer tells a story about how their pets are tracing foods. The illustration moves from the front to the back part of packaging, creating a unique eye trajectory.

The packaging, eventually, reflects the company’s decision and dedication on a sustainable program. The bag is made from biodegradable and USDA certified material, as an effort to reduce the carbon footprint.

Be Brave with Colors

Having bright colors on the packaging design should stand for the products. The Quality Candy Company, for example, is a healthy candy company offering candies made of fruits and vegetables extracts.

The company also uses bright and kids-friendly packaging to support the fresh-bright fruit taste. Its attractive design comes with cheerful colors that are similar to a box of crayons.

The packaging conveys a ‘made of high-quality ingredients’ message to their customers. The message also emphasizes the same thing: “This candy tastes good and is made from ingredients that are good for you.”

Showcase your Product

If you are targeting busy people, these packaging design tips might be your product life-saver. We could learn from Healthy Generation packaging, a manufacturer of engaging food package.

They are reaching busy people craving for healthy snacks. Their design looks clean, unique, modern and delightful. They also place several icons such as free-preservatives, nitrate, MSG and gluten on all product attributes. This kind of transparency, somehow, helps to gain the customers’ trust. 


There are abundant references for you when it comes to take away packaging design. Take away packaging, however, is best suited to primary packaging design type because customers make direct contact with the product.

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