30 Best Authentic Signature Fonts for Graphic Designs

By Din Studio on July 29, 2022

30 Best Authentic Signature Fonts for Graphic Designs — Being into the digitalized era makes the use of a signature font more popular. Designers compete to create signature font which is authentic and unique, because authentic signature font shows a personal aesthetic impression in every design you create. 

Through the personal impression given, these font are able to create an emotional connection between the brand and customers. Therefore, it is no wonder that these font are widely chosen as a branding tool for a product. 

You can use these font to design anything you want. Starting from logos, magazine layouts, invitations, business cards, to promotions on social media accounts. With a signature font, your design will look more authentic.



Signature Fonts Collections

We have summed 30 signature fonts to help you create authentic designs. Check this out!


Brilliant 3 Signature Font

First, introducing Brilliant 3 signature font — the best font for signature that looks like real handwriting. This font was the champion of the fontbundles.net contest in Indonesia in 2018. You will get a brilliant signature regular version and slant version 1, 2, 3 in OTF, TTF, and WOFF.


signature fonts

Link of font demo : Click Here



White Star 

The design you make will look beautiful and natural through White Star. White Star has upper and lowercase letters that will make it easier for readers to understand the meaning conveyed. The ligature feature will add to the beauty of this font. You will get OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats when you download it.  


Link of font demo : Click Here



Better Saturday 

One of the options for signature text is Better Saturday. Being equipped with the upper & lowercase features and ligatures, makes it look elegant but easily readable. This signature fonts is best for making invitations, quotes, book layouts, etc. Available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats.


signature text

Link of font demo : Click Here



Gravity Signature – Luxury Signature Font

Then, say hello to the one of the Din Studio’s best seller products that gives a luxurious and classy impression. With four style variants, you can create as many signatures as you need. Gravity Signature is equipped with multilingual support that will make it easier for you to get a global audience. Use this font to create brandings, covers, quotes, and wedding invitations.


luxury signature font

Link of font demo : Click Here



Bigtime Signature

If you’re looking for a bold font signature, Bigtime Signature became the best choice you can have.  Since Bigtime Signature is presented with a natural, modern and classic style, it is suitable for a signature font logo for your branding.


bold signature fonts

Link of font demo : Click Here




Andasia is a modern calligraphy font that gives an elegant and modern impression which is presented with ligatures and swashes to beautify your design. Optimize the use of this calligraphy font for various design purposes, such as invitations, business cards, quotes, flyers, and also book layouts.


Link of font demo : Click Here



Lovely Font

This signature style font will make your designs more fun. Lovely is perfect for creating brandings, logos, and product packaging as it is a combination between elegance and casualness. You will get the OTF, TTF and WOFF files when downloading this font. 


signature style font

Link of font demo : Click Here



Le Jour – Font Photography Signature 

Are you a photographer in search of a font to beautify your pictures? Worry no more as Le Jour is the best choice. It is a font duo which is a combination between script fonts and serif fonts. Included 58 alternates and 52 stylistic sets to help you create amazing work. 


Link of font demo : Click Here



Smooth Fantasy – Signature Fonts

Another font signature is Smooth Fantasy. This font gives a unique and original impression to the reader. Perfect for creating designs that give a unique handwriting impression. It is available in OTF, TTF and WOFF formats.


Link of font demo : Click Here



Menthol Signature

As you know, it isn’t always easy to find a font with casual impressions in professional appearances. However, this Menthol Signature is able to give you both impressions. Packed with a ligature feature, it looks like real handwriting of which every stroke expresses beauty.


signature fonts

Link of font demo : Click Here



Radicalis – Real Signature Font 

Radicalis is a modern script font to make an impression on your audience. One of the best choices to optimize the aesthetics of the design you make. This signature fonts are available in TTF, OTF, and WOFF formats.


real signature fonts

Link of font demo : Click Here



Mister Sally – Signature Fonts

Mister Sally is the best email signatures font ever created by Din Studio. It delivers handwriting results that look real to comfort the audience. Suitable for making invitations, brandings, quotes, and magazine layouts.


Link of font demo : Click Here



Jasson Gillen – Signatire Fonts

Carefully crafted, Jasson Gillen is a stylish signature font that will make your design more beautiful. Consist of ligature features and stylistic sets that will comfort you to use it in various designs. The style remind you of the beautiful quotes spread on social media.


signature fonts

Link of font demo : Click Here



Slash Signature

One of the fonts to serve as a signature font for email is Slash Signature. It reminds us of beautiful and readable serialized handwriting. You will get the OTF, TTF, and WOFF files which are equipped with stylistic sets and multilingual support features.


signature font for email

Link of font demo : Click Here



Kaithryn – Beautiful Signature Font 

Kaithryn is an attractive, beautiful signature font. Also, it is very easy to read, so you don’t have to worry about the reader’s distractions. It is presents with stylistic sets, ligatures, standard characters, and multilingual supports that will make it easier for you to complete your projects. 


beautiful signature fonts

Link of font demo : Click Here



Fiosthic – Siganture Fonts

Apply this font to create aesthetic brandings, logos, quotes, and various printed materials. Fiosthic is a signature font photoshop available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats. Features both casual and modern finishes that make your designs perfect.


Link of font demo : Click Here



Mister Jacky

Mister Jacky is one of the signature font types created for various design purposes. It creates a harmonious and elegant impression consisting of the uppercase and the lowercase letters as well as complete characters to ease the audience to read it. You will get the TTF, OTF, and WOFF files when you buy it. 


Link of font demo : Click Here



Jafrine – Cursive Handwriting Fonts

Express elegance and flexibility through Jafrine, a unique cursive font that gives a distinctive feature to each design. Having a ligature features and stylistic sets, it will make every design you make joyful. 


Link of font demo : Click Here



Blastine – Signature Fonts

There are few signature font cursive expressing aesthetics in every design. If you are interested in creating a lot of signature designs, Blastine is the right choice. Includes swashes, ligatures and stylistic sets to beautify your designs and avoid dullness in designs. 


modern signature font

Link of font demo : Click Here



The Bigmaker – Signature Fonts

“Less is more” is probably the suitable term to describe this font. The Bigmaker is a handmade font which is simple and modern looking. Its clean, readable scratch makes the Bigmaker font for signature that is perfect for corporate designs and formal invitations. 


Link of font demo : Click Here



Flatlion – Digital Signature Font

One of the font choices that you can use as a digital signature is Flatlion. The upper and lowercase letters are connected, looks like real handwriting.  It can comfort the eyes because of its ease of reading. Choose this if you’re looking for a feminine font.


Link of font demo : Click Here




Are you looking for a suitable font for your d.i.y project? Then, Javyer is the best choice! With its natural and simple nature, it is able to express the elegance of your design and to make it look “alive”. The perfect choice for you to make invitations or simple greetings.


best signature font

Link of font demo : Click Here



Wertign –  Elegant Signature Font

Do you think your design looks monotonous on standard fonts? Then, use Wertign instead. It is so easy to use, so it deserves to be referred to as cursive fonts in word. Apply the font to create brandings, social media posts, websites, etc.


Link of font demo : Click Here



Billion Miracle – Signature Fonts

Enhance your brandings with Billion Miracles. As the name suggests, this font can work wonders on your design and make it look “alive”. The upper and lowercase letters are interconnected, make it easier for the audience to understand the message being delivered.  


modern signature fonts

Link of font demo : Click Here



Billie Sight – Signature Fonts

Billie Sight is the signature font cursive by Din Studio, designed in flexible curved strokes. Therefore, this font is perfectly used to create quotes, wedding invitations, special moment posts on social media and other printing purposes. 


Link of font demo : Click Here



Rolling Back – Signature Fonts

A lot of fonts are created based on the current trends in a certain period. However, instead of following the trend, Rolling Back offers immortality. Use this whenever you need because it is not time-bound. Suitable for brandings, social media posts, and also advertisements.


font signature

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Windey Signature – Signature Fonts

Windey Signature provides a simply beautiful solution for your brandings. Windey Signature is created from the elegance of thick curvatures and strokes. You can use it to create brandings, social media posts, book covers, business cards, and even merchandise. 


Link of font demo : Click Here



Bright Sunset – Signature Fonts

Sunset is always depicted with beauty, and so is the Bright Sunset font. The font can tell the beautiful moments you want to express in your design through its strokes. It is also referred to as photography logo fonts because it is applicable to various purposes such as photographs, logos, and other designs.  


Link of font demo : Click Here



Walnut Candy – Authentic Signature Font

Because of its similarity with real handwriting, Walnut Candy is worth considering when creating a signature that requires a sweet and unique touch. As Walnut Candy is presented with ligatures, stylistic sets, and multilingual supports, it will ease you to create a variety of attractive designs.


Link of font demo : Click Here



Fresh Roomettes – Signature Cursive Font

Last, Fresh Roomettes is suitable for modern graphic design. It is a crème de la crème signature font from which each stroke depicts beauty and modernity. Moreover, it consist of ligatures and stylistic sets that support your design aesthetic to make it look more original.


signature cursive fonts

Link of font demo : Click Here




That all, the list of authentic signature fonts which are perfectly applicable for graphic design purposes. Some of the fonts above are available in the demo version that you can download for free on Clickfreefonts. For commercial purposes, you need to make an official purchase of the font(s) in Din Studio website

Just to remind you to always have a closer look at the license of the font before using it. 

Happy designing!