30 Best Serif Fonts for Professional, Modern Branding Designs

By Din Studio on August 6, 2022

A lot of designers choose the serif fonts to create professional, clean, modern, classy designs. It is no wonder that the serif fonts are the perfect option to create brandings

Serif fonts are mostly used for book covers, magazines, newspapers, and even printed forms due to its readability and visually attractive patterns.



So, What is a Serif Font?

Serif font is a font with little lines on the edges of the letter. The lines are called “serif”, which one of them is well-known as Times New Roman

It is generally known that the font is often used by international brands such as Tiffany & Co, Forbes, Vogue, Bottega Veneta and many more. While a number of brands have redesigned their logos using sans serif, the brands mentioned earlier remain using serif in accordance with the customers’ trust of the serif fonts.

Searching the right serif font may be confusing because of its abundance of choices given in paid versions and free versions on the searching page.

For that reason, we have summarized 30 best serif fonts as an alternative way to create brandings, logos and printed media in a modern look.

Although you have your own favorite list, you might still have a look at our offered options for a broader reference. You’ll never know if some of them can be used in the future.

Here is the serif font list to make your brandings lovely.



30 Best Serif Fonts for Professional, Modern Branding Designs


Atteron – Classy Serif Fonts

Express your creativity through Atteron. It is a serif font made in capital letters with unique designs to show your work’s authenticity. Having been created by Din Studio with elegant, modern concepts, this font is featured with alternates, stylistic sets and swashes which is perfect for logos, book covers, flyer titles, etc.


Link of font demo : Click Here



Carade – Rounded Serif Fonts

Next, let’s get to know Carade. It is a thick rounded serif font which expresses bold and fun impressions at the same time and contains readable capitals and lower cases. The beauty of this font is suitable for logos, brandings, headlines, newspapers, packaging, and so on since it is featured with alternates, stylistic sets, and swashes to charm your designs.


bold serif

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It is one of the serif font examples with a lively modern display. Its 10 various styles could ease you to adjust the writing thickness based on your on-going designs. Fogie, which is appropriate for making logos, printed media titles, book covers and even merchandise, will express the modern, established impression to the brands.


serif family

Link of font demo : Click Here



Qeskile Voyage – Serif Font Family

Qeskile Voyage is a serif font family with 8 different styles suitably applied for various designs on social media, texts on photos, printed media layouts, and even quotes due to its fun character. Additionally, it fits on designs with vintage themes featuring many ligatures and alternates to ease you to get plenty of new ideas while creating lovely designs.


Link of font demo : Click Here



Safira March

Through its clean, simple display, Safira March has all it takes to become your favourite serif font. This font consists of nine different styles which you can combine in order to get prettier results. As a result, Safira March really fits to create invitations, web designs, printed media forms, and lengthy texts.


modern serif fonts

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Roashe – Serif Font Type

This modern serif font has a unique display which differs from other serif fonts. Roashe, which fully consists of capital letters to make it easy to read and to give a firm impression, can be applied to titles, printed media forms, brandings, logos and packaging. Furthermore, it features ligatures and alternates supporting your experiment to create originally unique designs.


elegant serif fonts

Link of font demo : Click Here



Basking – Elegant Serif Font

Basking is an elegant serif font to accelerate your memorable branding. It has a modern bold display to use in a variety of contents featuring alternates, ligatures and swashes. Basking fits into the creations of brandings, titles, printed media forms and product packaging. Use this font immediately to see the results.


Link of font demo : Click Here



Bavaria Gates – Serif Fonts

It is one of the best serif fonts in its class. The clean display of Bavaria Gates makes it look modern, trusted, and established. The characters in this font are all made in uppercase letters that are easy to read. Its ligatures, alternates, and swashes will beautify your designs. Make sure you choose Bavaria Gates to create branding, advertising, covers and print media titles, packaging, etc.


Link of font demo : Click Here



Beauty Swing

Are you in search of fonts for fashion branding? Beauty Swing is the answer! It has amazing, modern, and elegant serif fonts that will make your branding stand out. Its clean appearance with ligatures and stylistic sets is suitable to create  product tags, advertisements, print media titles, web design, and product packaging.


serif font

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Bogota Bold Serif

With a choice of 2 types of serif fonts that can be combined, this font has become one of the serif font logos that are worth considering. Bogota presents a modern and cheerful impression at the same time. Make sure you choose this font if you intend to design a logo, children’s storybook, product branding intended for children, or the title of a movie.


bold serif fonts

Link of font demo : Click Here



Brown Sunflower – Modern Serif Font

Brown Sunflower is a must-have font you need to add to your collection. The combination between 2 font types, light modern serif and decorative sans serif, lets you choose the appropriate font for brandings. Serif font suits well on formal, professional brandings. In addition, you may also want to use it to create logos, titles on printed media, web designs, business cards, merchandise and invitations.


Link of font demo : Click Here




Castre is a classy serif font designed for simplicity and easiness of reading. With its capital letter designs combined with thin lines to enable you to get into professional, modern designs. It has more ligatures to give you added value to your designs, so choose Castre and get the best design results.


modern serif

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Chicago Makers – Serif Font Family

Are you looking for a serif font family to use for various brandings? Add Chicago Makers to your list! It is one of the designers’ main choices of serif fonts for logos. It has 8 styles which are suitable for creating branding, logos, titles in printed media, product packaging, and so on. You can also create quotes using this font.


serif family

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Equity – Elegant Serif Font

Equity is a classic serif font by Nathatype. It is the right choice for those who would like to create classic designs for brandings, logos, product packaging, book covers, printed media titles, or even lengthy writings. This font features alternates, ligature and swashes to beautify your design.


Link of font demo : Click Here




It is one of the bold serif fonts that you should try to create brandings. Din Studio has blended beautiful fonts that look amazing in branding, giving them a unique look. It has 80 stylish alternates as well as multilingual support to attract a global audience.


Link of font demo : Click Here



Grown – Serif Fonts

Express your ideas through Grown, a serif font type. Its 18 ligatures and 19 alternates are ready to beautify your brandings. This font helps to convey a strong look, perfect yet still simple. Grown has become a multi purpose font because of its great designs from title to packaging.


Link of font demo : Click Here



Kafina – Serif Fonts

This font should be in your favourite serif font list. Kafina’s magical, fairy display is a great idea to create fun designs for food product brandings, kids’ stuffs and printed media titles. Worry no more as it features 12 ligatures and 11 alternates to ease you to do experiments.


serif typeface

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Lovera is an elegant serif font for professional brandings. Its modern style produces authentically unique designs applicable to create brandings, product packaging, titles, flyers, posters and logos.


serif fonts free

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Le Jour

Le Jour is a font mixture of serif and script font supporting each other to create beauty. This font can be a good option to do a lot of design projects. It fits on brandings, logos or any other designs concerning beauty and elegance.


Link of font demo : Click Here



March – Modern Serif Fonts

March has its own uniqueness in creating logos, brandings, titles, merchandise and social media promotions to impress the audience with its 2 different styles and a modern display. You can combine both of them to gain extraordinary results.


serif fonts

Link of font demo : Click Here



Romile – Serif Fonts

It is an innovative, everlasting font in capital letters looking unique due to the cursive writing and circles at the end of some characters. Romile is great to apply for eccentric designs featuring stylistic sets, ligatures and swashes such as logos, book covers, flyer titles, and so on.


Link of font demo : Click Here




If you are attempting to find a multipurpose serif font to make or recreate your branding, let Repath do the job. It is an outstanding, incredible font to add a charming impression for its users.  It will suit perfectly on logos, social media promotions, name cards or titles. Add this font in your favorite serif font.


Link of font demo : Click Here



Stainger – Classic Serif Fonts

Stainger has a multipurpose modern display like the classic serif font as its source of inspiration. This font consists of 16 style variations to provide you options to your necessity. Although it is often applied in lighter versions, the bold version will be more suitable when you write titles.


Link of font demo : Click Here



Valiety – Elegant Serif Font

Next, our serif font list is Valiety, a kind of classic decorative copper serif with a modern touch. The interesting character of this font is its cleanliness, simplicity and ease of readability. As Valiety is available in 8 varieties of style, it gives you choices you need to create brandings, restaurant menus, logos, titles and even a long text.


serif fonts family

Link of font demo : Click Here



Westlake – Serif Fonts

Out of a few serif fonts with unique, elegant carving, Westlake is one of them. It is a bold serif font featuring ligatures, swashes and stylistic sets to give an authentic vintage nuance. What a brilliant idea to make social media promotions, brandings, book covers or a title.


Link of font demo : Click Here



White Space – Serif Fonts

The next list is White Space, an amazing serif font to use in brandings, logos, titles, book covers or social media promotions. It is available in TTF, OTF and WOFF formats with multilingual supports to ease you to create any designs you need.


Link of font demo : Click Here



Konfista – Serif Fonts

All you need is to spend only $29 to receive this font. Konfista is the right font to show contrasts between titles and body copy. Its clean, modern, simple display makes it quite easy to read. Choose this font when you create brandings, logos, product packaging, quotes, printed media covers and social media promotions.


modern serif

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Miracle World

This 2022 font edition is the right choice for those who love clean designs. Therefore, its letters’ simplicity along with stylistic sets and ligatures makes your designs easy to read and lively. The cyrillic character in the Miracle World is very suitable for your designs to gain popularity in the world.


best serif fonts

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Miftah – Bold Serif Font

It is a bold serif font suitable for professional necessities such as brandings, logos, titles, printed media cover and social media promotions. Miftah features ligatures, stylistic sets and swashes to make your designs special.


Link of font demo : Click Here



Goldbugs – Classy Serif Fonts

The last font in this list is Goldbugs created by Nathatype in 2021. Goldbugs gives a modern impression with few unique carvings on some of the letter parts. It can live up your designs through its ligatures, stylistic sets and swashes fitting perfectly for brandings, logos, titles, book covers, merchandise and social media promotions.


Link of font demo : Click Here




In conclusion, serif font has become a classic option fitting on a variety of brandings and graphic design projects. With the lists we have provided for you, there is no excuse to waste time finding the right font.


Some Industrial Businesses that should Use The Serif Font are: 

  • Journalism
  • Publishers
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Law
  • Interior design
  • Accountancing


Tips to Use a Serif Font

The following tips need considering when you use a serif font, but you can still explore anything based on your needs.

Do’s :

  • Use a serif font to create titles and use sans serif to create a text body in digital formats.
  • Use a serif font for brandings and logos.
  • Use a serif font for various printed media.

Don’ts :

  • Use a serif font for a long text on a small screen.
  • Use a serif font for a futuristic display.
  • Use a serif font for a long body-copy in digital formats.

Last but not least, those fonts above are downloadable at Clickfreefonts for free for your personal needs. However, if you need the font for commercial reasons, it is recommended for you to buy it at Din Studio. As a quick reminder, always check the font’s license before you use it. Happy Designing!