Ready to Create an Infographic Design? Check These Tools Out!

By Din Studio on November 16, 2022

Creating infographics definitely requires the best tools that work faster. Infographic itself is a diagram or image telling about one particular information.

Infographic visualization in general consists of charts, icons and short texts. Its purpose is to make the topic easier to understand by the readers. In short, infographics include an image that comes with an effective explanation.


creating infographics


Tools for Infographic Creation

We have picked out some tools you can consider for infographic makers. Read on the specific information given to help you know their worthy features.

Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop/Ai)

Adobe creative cloud is one of the recommended tools for you to use. Their users are allowed to take a free trial version for 3 months then pay £10.10 per month for subscriptions.

This paid tool is handy and offers more than 10.000 available templates. Users can drag and drop to customize the templates.

If you need to create infographics quickly and easily for social media, this tool would definitely work. We can add background, image and logo as well as edit the text.

While the free trial is available, you will need a  subscription to unlock all the available features. Therefore, you are suggested to pay once the trial ends to have unlimited access.          


Similar to Adobe, Canva also offers free and paid accounts. It costs you US$ 9.95 per month to have your account upgraded to premium. Your access to templates, icons and premium images are unlimited once you subscribe.

Canva is perfect for creating infographics because it features numerous ready-to-use designs. This tool has hundreds of free elements for data visualization.

There are plenty of free templates, images and premium icons to use. They are ready to turn your complex information into an eye-catching data visualization to help the readers have a quick grasp about it.

Canva is often seen as a powerful tool that has you covered for more creative tasks. Beside creating exceptional infographics, it is ideal for both presentation and brochures.   


Creating infographics is all the Venngage about. This tool has a free plan as well as premium upgrade with US$ 15 per month. It does offer you a large amount of interesting designs if you need them.

Venngage supports your need in creating promotion contents, reports, posters and infographics. It also comes with various supporting features such as information text, statistics, comparison, process, charts, timelines, tutorials, geographics and more.

Offering more than 7.500 templates, this tool is pretty handy and allows their users customize each template to their needs.

Creating an attractive and professional infographic is possible with premium subscription. This makes it easier for you to create the best possible infographics once each feature is accessible.           


Snappa is another suggested tool for you to explore and use. It has plenty of benefits to offer such as multiple choices of supporting features.

Having no premium Snappa account should not worry you about the result. Since they offer a large variety of image and template collections for free.

Likewise, Snappa comes with default icons and fonts to support your infographic. Not only are they free, but also easy to use.

Snappa is really convenient to use because it works faster during the process. In fact, you need only 15 minutes to complete, creating a satisfying design for the users.

It costs you $10 per month for subscription, to get you more access to countless attractive and better features. Thus, having a Snappa premium account is recommended.

However, their free version is still available for creating infographics. There are 6.000 templates available that you can download at maximum 3 templates per month.      


As well as a promising tool, Piktochart is one great option you should notice if you mostly deal with infographics.

You can customize your own format, including its size in height and weight. While making posters or presentations, you should consider the size.

If you have uploaded the statistics, it is possible to edit the layout and change the color scheme. The free version allows their users to create up to 5 visuals.

This application has a lot of features to use, such as self-designing from scratch. It lets you reveal your graphic design skills. 

However, Piktochart also gives their users a library of available templates for creating infographics, making your design completed efficiently. Their templates for free are known for its best-selling feature.

There is a range of plans available and users can choose to go with free or premium Piktochart. The premium plan is quite affordable, US$ 24.17 per month, considering their great quality.

Additionally, it is a good purchase since it has no contract. Piktochart is proven to create the best infographics ever, not to mention their editable custom templates.

In conclusion, Piktochart is a good tool for both beginners and professionals. The professionals are strongly suggested to upgrade their account to Piktochart pro, to help them create their own customizable templates. 

The free plan, on the contrary, has a watermark which is being removed after subscription. Such a significant thing to consider because the design is slightly disturbed by watermark. 


Designcap perfectly works like other tools for creating infographics. It comes with two offering choices, free and paid DesignCap.

The paid plan will cost you $4.99 every month. It is widely considered as one of the best infographics makers.

This application is really simple to use. Besides, Designcap doesn’t cost much to upgrade since you are allowed to do unlimited exports.

However,  some premium templates are not accessible on free DesignCap, unless you upgrade this tool to premium.

Paid templates promise you a great infographics, because all interesting icons, illustrations and images library are accessible. 

Likewise, it has the ability to upload your own artwork  when you want to. There is a limitation to 5jpg export for a free plan account.

Their unlimited templates are available only when you have upgraded your DesignCap to basic plan. It allows you to do pdf and png exports for better quality.


Our six hand-picked tools have been considered as the most effective and efficient way to choose. They undoubtedly are a great help in creating interesting infographics in a flash.