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Pro Tips: How to Make a High Definition, Not Blurry Design

It used to be a problem to increase design resolution, but not today. Some smartphone apps or personal computers have the capability to do so, even the default tools on your design apps too.

A high resolution picture has a smaller number of pixels. The less number of pixels an image has, the better the photo quality.


Increase Design Resolution

Adjust the Resolution

When it comes to printing your high resolution image, DPI or Dot Per Inch is one parameter you need to consider, since optimizing DPI will affect your image quality.

If you are Adobe users, DPI artboard should not less than 300. This number would work on big images, preventing them from blurry.

300 DPI means dot per inch on printer will release 300 small tint dots for one image. In other words, your image was created by small tint dots or pixels per inch.

Designating your image to 300 DPI will increase design resolution on printing. The designated number gives the most proportional result on big files.

For 8×8 size, the DPI needs 2400 x 2400 which comes from 8 multiplies 300. Different numbers also get multiplied by 300.

When using Photoshop, you can right-click on screen to see the dpi size. Get on Properties menu then click detail. You will likely see a box about DPI in both horizontal and vertical resolutions. 

If you want to change or increase design resolution on photoshop, read on the following steps.

  1. Press the menu bar on screen, choose open.
  2. Open the image menu and size to adjust.
  3. Undo the tick on the resample menu and change to inch or pixel format.
  4. Change the number on the resolution menu as requested.
  5. Save the image.


Adjust the Image Size

Learn to scale and change the design size without losing the quality using smart-object. By doing so, you also learn how to increase design image for better result.

Smart object is Photoshop built-in tool to accelerate the users work and maintain the image quality, while the editing is on progress. The tools enable you to freely adjust the width and height.

If you scale or widen and resize the image, photoshop will set the pixels smaller. It is known as destructive editing because change was made on the original image.

Thus, using smart object seems right to repair, maintain and increase design resolution. Let’s learn more about scaling image without reduce the quality nor the pixels.

  1. Open a new project and select the photo.
  2. Change the background layers by converting them to smart object.
  3. Change the ratio with a crop tool.
  4. Rasterizing the screen by right-click on the screen to go back to normal.
  5. Apply content aware scale by pressing alt+shift+ctrl+c and change it to 100 {d808542e3a38684a629614128c7511c0d746b2afbcc597c99adfe2fd933a7222}.


Setting Color Mode

Photoshop has several color mode, they are 6, 16, 32 bit. It is originated from bit depth or information about how many colors the image pixels can contain. 

The bigger the bit depth number or size, the more color information can be on a pixel. That is what makes the tonal color appear more accurate.

When you set the color mode to 8 bit, you can increase design resolution. Bit depth technology is set to minimal 8 bit, making each pixel able to differentiate between bright and dark (tonal).

The editing result is much better when you use the technology. Check on the project title to check whether it is already 8 bit or not.


Save Format

The final source to keep and increase design resolution is the saving format. The right settings maintain the photo size when it is being saved.

However, it is quite common to have the resolution changed right after it is saved. We need to make some adjustment to save the edited image.

Here is how to maintain the edited image on Photoshop quality and keep their professional look.

  1. Press the file menu once the editing is done.
  2. Select JPG or PNG on the setting menu.
  3. Set the quality to high and 60 or you can adjust it.
  4. Click save on your screen.


Use Asset High Resolution

Since the quality or detail of an image is being limited, we need to increase design resolution. Some settings were made to change the image to high resolution such as HD (High-Definition) or 4k quality.

Asset High Resolution is the one we can rely on. Eventhough the pixel might be restricted, at least it contains more number of pixels. 

It is suggested to use raw file in this setting for sharper image and to fix miss-interpretation during editing process. Also, raw file will duplicate the length and width of pixel.

Quality improvement is possible when you apply this setting. For example, if a digital image is 24MP, it would be (6000×4000 pixels) 96MP.

This built-in feature of Photoshop really helps designers. Because maintaining quality is equal to maintaining your professionalism as well as your good reputation.

Often, a client is disappointed upon a poor and blurry design. Mostly because the designers ignore to increase design resolution when it is vital for a design. 

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