Pricing Tips for Beginner Graphic Designers

By Din Studio on October 22, 2022

Graphic designer rates are indeed essential to be considered, while the job should be delivered in the most perfect way. What the clients get is the most important thing, regardless of how difficult and complicated the process was.

In other words, when your project is being appreciated or exceeds their expectation, you are allowed to charge them higher. You can directly name your price too, about Rp200.000 or more.

graphic designer rates


Few Things to Confirm when Pricing Design Work: Beginner’s Guides

It has always been challenging to set how much your clients should pay. We have gathered the ultimate pricing guide which is commonly referred to by graphic designers.

This guide is not only for beginners, but professionals with big names too. For them, the following points are much preferred by clients, not that expensive nor cheap.

Calculate daily expense within the work (billable hours)

First thing to consider when drafting graphic designers rates is calculating expenses during the project process, or known as cost to price. You can make a note on everything you need.

Such as electricity, internet bills if you do it at home, or food bills if you are in a restaurant, and so on. In brief, you should write down every expense you make.

Nevertheless, make sure you fit your needs, by ordering one portion for meals, snacks and drinks. If you have more that would add the cost at once, unless the project was so complex to get done.

For instance, you have to provide your truly personal ideas and clients share their restrictions and rules only. While they also demand certain philosophy being presented.

In that case where you have to do extra work, it is only reasonable that the graphic designer rate is higher. Why? Because creating something philosophical has never been that easy.

Such as, what this curve lines means or what that shape symbolizes. Of course you have carefully thought of it.

The audiences were expected to seize the theme and organizer’s hopes without being directly told. By then, you are allowed to add more items.

Like rental fees and hourly transportation fees. Otherwise, you should set your graphic designers rates only on electricity and internet bills for small projects.

Observing pricing rate on design freelance platforms

The second point is just one click away to get you on platforms where they publish their rates from 1 to 5 stars ratings. Dig deep into their work culture and services.

You can start your research from how those big platforms charge their customers. For the record, their basic price is already set.

However, graphic designer rates are prone to change following the design complexity. Take a closer look on how they name the price to clients, make a small order if you need.

That method helps you measure their capability in determining value on the proposed work. Gathering references from other platforms is indeed important because the competition is getting more intense while clients don’t think much about it.

Only the designer with the lowest rate and meets the client’s expectation will be chosen. Since companies always calculate their revenue to gain more profit.

Thus, following the current market range is important without neglecting your detailed calculation. A big company is able to cut this cost since their system is already well-established.      

The profit they gain is relatively small. In brief, avoid overpricing unless your quality is as good as theirs. Only then you can charge your client more. 

Reviewing value over price

Either a company or client is craving for cheap but good quality objects. Sometimes, they even have a larger budget to spend on your value. 

Always value yourself first before settling the graphic designer rates. What you can offer to clients while others couldn’t. For example, you are capable of completing a design within an hour.

Similar to that express package, yet you create quality work with no revision at all. If it doesn’t work, because of your heavy workload for example, think of another strength you can offer.

Such as, a design specialized in classic European style or various countries’ creations. Those offers help the clients to feel that they are getting a fair satisfaction for higher graphic designer rates they pay.

For that reason, learn more about your unique ability to make a better offer to your clients. Don’t think big, start small.

Considering Regional Minimum Wage (RMW) 

You opt to examine the minimum wage in every region to make your graphic designer rates. If the RMW is Rp2,6 millions, how do you make your offering price to clients?

First, review their detailed request and speculate about days to complete it. With the Rp2,6 millions divided by 26 days, your daily wage is Rp100 thousands.

If  you were able to finish the project in 3 days, then you get paid Rp300 thousands. This method is somehow inaccurate, unless your design quality is beyond ordinary.

The main point is how the details could meet the client’s expectation. In brief, when people look at the design, they would know what the client wants.

It works only when you are qualified to do so. It wouldn’t be a problem to base your pricing on RMW, otherwise you could lower the price to suit your design quality.

Asking professional designers opinion

People tend to compare a design with the price. Does the artwork have a reasonable or higher price? Beginners are usually getting lost at the question.

Having reliable experience on working and assessing a design is a long journey. You can purposely create a design for a professional opinion.

Hand your design and make them assess it thoroughly. A good comment means your quality and price is reasonable. Otherwise, you will get positive feedback.

Professionals know how much you should charge your graphic designer rate with a glimpse of look. Because they always do more practice and self-development.

They don’t really need you to tell more about your design, nor the mistake you made. In fact, this is what most clients preferred. 


It won’t be easy at first to do your design business with numerous competitors out there. But once you make your graphic designer rates, you will increase the  number of clients.