Open Source or Free Design Applications

By Din Studio on November 1, 2022

It is crucial for beginners with insufficient budget to purchase paid design applications to use free Photoshop alternatives to start doing big things to be the best designers.

Moreover, professional designers who have been using paid applications used to create their designs by using free applications at the beginning of their careers.

open source design apps


Free Photoshop Alternatives to Use

There have been a lot of options of design applications to help you create the best designs, yet you still have to be more careful in choosing the applications in order to use them well.

Therefore, we have listed some of the recommended design applications for your considerations, but still you need to evaluate them based on your necessities to help you improve and become professionals.

Inkscape (Vector Manager)

The first free Photoshop alternative is the Inkscape under the license of GNU General Public License. Its main role is to manage vectors to meet the paid application standards.

For example, CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator which are light and do not require much space consumption on your computers. Besides, this application is surely applicable for all computer types as long as they have enough space left.

You need only 65 mb to install the application, which is low, isn’t it? This free application is so easy to use that you can run it with either Firefox or Chrome.

It is no wonder that your creativity will improve with the abundant, complete tools and various color palette of the application.

Designers are able to create anything without facility troubles. However, you have to consider its inability to save in any extension, for instance, in the PNG, JPG or other formats like in the CorelDraw. The formats are set by the Inkspace, which is inconvenient but worth it for beginners.

GIMp (Bitmap Manager)

The next free Photoshop alternative is the GIMp, an Adobe Photoshop alternative. The good news is that GIMp is available on all devices, such as Linux, Windows, or Mac.

Its display is different from Adobe Photoshop, which is the application’s source of example in display making. Not that hard, isn’t it?

If you are familiar with Photoshop, GIMP is just the copy, which is mostly similar yet free. People start to like this application due to the complete features to help them do their jobs faster.

The application’s developers have worked hard to make GIMP easy to use and its capacity similar to Adobe.

Another inconvenient part to notice is the 8 bit per channel which is far way behind the 64 bit per second by Adobe Photoshop. Besides, there are only a few effects on it.

Krita (Illustration Pictures Only)

Krita is good enough to use for digital printing, artist concept and texture. Developed in 1999, it has offered various facilities such as the full set brush tool and interesting plugins. It is compulsory for comic designers to use Krita.

The must-have feature is a stabilizer to smoothen the lines for much better pictures. Additionally, a WAP around mode is provided to have smoother textures, and a popup poleter to assist you in choosing the appropriate colors.

For a more fun experience, just give it a try and see how well it works for you. This free Photoshop alternatives is easy to use because it resembles the Photoshop application, so what makes you wait?

Xara Xtreme (Vector Manager)

The next free Photoshop alternatives is the Xara Xtreme, which can only be used for free on Linux program while the other programs require that you pay for it.

It is admitted that Xara is excellent and provides a variety of great facilities and features which is a good alternative to Coreldraw. Additionally, it is one of the fastest applications in the world.

The smooth operation when you run it takes so little space that a lot of designers dare to switch to Linux program just to use this application.

Vectr (2D Graphic Manager)

Vectr is used to manage 2D graphic pictures with complete features to enhance your creativity through a number of effects provided.

Basic facilities such as fonts, filters and shadows are available to use entirely. It is no wonder that a lot of beginner designers recommend this application.

Designers are able to create everything regardless of the lack of facilities or application payment. Using Vectr to create graphics works better with the team. It provides a live collaboration menu and a synchronization option enabling designers to handle work collaborations with the team.

The application can be used for sharing files and meeting online with anyone in any place to work more easily and more quickly. As a consequence, clients need a short time to see the results.

Skencil (2D Graphic Manager)

The last free Photoshop alternatives is the Skencil. Either professional or beginner designers use it due to the complete features and facilities.

Furthermore, Skencil is easy to use without a detailed learning process. Almost all of the tools are ideal with which you can save your time up to an hour.

Moreover, everything is provided in the tools which are 100% similar to that of the adobe.  Therefore, a lot of beginner designers like this application.

You need no more worries about the size it creates because the file is so small that it is enough for your limited memory space. Besides, this free application provides great features such as the gradient fill, transformed text and so on which really help designers do their work.


Despite the free facilities and features which professional designers used to utilize when they were building up careers, free Photoshop alternatives helps beginner designers to improve their skills.