Monochrome Is Not Just Black and White

By Din Studio on September 10, 2022

Monochrome scheme is usually taken for a unique look, combining with modern design. But some people think otherwise, monochrome is boring because it shows only one/two colors.

Monochromatic usually appears in black and white. Not all monochromatic must be black and white, but other colors too.


Monochrome Philosophy as Simplicity

Paintings, designs, and other monochromatic ornaments were made in one color shade. It can use different shades of one color, but the definition tells it was one primary color.

For more than hundred years, the artists have used only one color as potential and limitation exploration in paintings. They applied a reductive formula to do some experiments, concerning the composition to bring the previous formula forward.

Monochromatic was always famous for its majesty, spiritual concern, and long-lasting modernism. Its fame was powerful enough to be everyone’s favorite till today.

The Greek root, monochromatic derived from monos, means singular or one, while khroma means color. Originally, monochrome refers to a design in tones of one color.

This simple coloring concept which focuses on elegant minimalism schemes has been developed from time to time. Of course, the concept has been expanded to use an impressive tone.

Nowadays, we use one tone to keep the old philosophy. Eventhough another color was being added, it still belongs to one tone.

Monochromic has to be adjusted since it is quite hard to get the object contrast. If it keeps on using only black and white tones, the object shape will hardly be seen. 

Despite its mentioned weakness, black and white are able to deliver pure vibe and strong emotion. This is the biggest reason why magazines and newspapers keep on using both colors.


Monochrome Scheme Impression on a Design

It is no longer a secret if tone or color selection could affect the viewers’ mood. Choosing a color for either design or fashion style is often seen as the expression of the one who makes the choice.

Monochromatic is an appealing tone for showing an elegant vibe, since most interior designs or fashion adopted it. It could be a wise choice to dress in monochromatic fashion to be a part of a continuing trend.

Its color is easily mixed with various tones, making it vulnerable for formal, semi-formal and informal. Use the monochrome for expensive, exclusive or professional impressions. And it goes well for the youngsters. 

For choosing white color, you will showcase the modest, simple and neutral sides. It also depicts purity, harmony and stability.

If you mix both colors, you will get a grey color. Its color transition brings serenity to your viewers.

Monochrome gives different impressions with its modest, minimalism and monotonous look. The simple color and its blends could afford positive vibes for both the users and the viewers.

You can trust this tone for delivering a good impression on your design. As a primary tone, users will go with it effortlessly. 

The thing is, monochromatic consists of primary colors where you can blend it easily with other colors even for such a minor element. The perfect blend will get you new colors to witness.


Monochrome Concept with no Black and White Colors

It is very common to assume that monochromatic has only involves black and white. No. It’s definitely wrong! Some people can’t even differentiate monochromatic with black-white, when it is the basic thing to know.

Monochromatic can involve other colors as well, apart from black and white tone. These following colors bring monochromatic vibes too, be it in an interior or graphic designs and fashion style.

Moody Blues

Dark blue shade is our first monochrome tone to help someone stay calm. Moody blues are also one of neutral colors that you can put together with other colors.

You can put it with darker or lighter colors, depending on your need and its compatibility. It would work better if you combine two tones or two color matching where the colors are darker to create a balance.


It is quite shocking to find pink as a part of monochromic tones, right? But, it goes well with other colors such as light purple, making pink as the focus point.

You can have pink for extra color, applying them on a small element like a pillow case. Or put them on the bigger elements such as walls or ceilings.

Bright Yellow Tone

Surprisingly, it is not only the primary tone that suits monochromatic designs. But, bright tones like yellow, also work the same way. Still, it needs other tones.

Bright yellow shade brings happiness to the viewers. Balance it out with a smooth tone on certain parts for a more cohesive result.


Why Monochromes Gains Its Fame Over Modern Society

Most people face the same problem every time; choosing the right color or tone for their interior or graphic designs. Because we have countless colors to pick out there.

Thinking about those thousand tones, monochromatic must slip into your mind, for at least once. But the tones only involve grey, black and white while new monochromatic colors are waiting.

Our modern society favors this monochrome so much because it showcases perfect and contrast colors. This coloring concept works great in a range of styles, especially for interior design, like contemporary and mid-century.

This concept is an efficient coloring technique since you can get so many colors to put with. Choosing monochromatic brings refreshment to the viewers, particularly on white-based coloring.

Applying primary colors means easy color arrangement, since they work well on any occasion, mood and others. Simplicity at its best.

Modern society prefers attractive combinations and monochromatic fills the gap. In other words, it is called ombre. Ombre keeps your design from being monotonous.

Coloring concept itself has been a part of our old days yet its popularity hasn’t faded. Monochrome is the right choice for an easy-to-combine with other tones and exhibits perfect combination.