Logo Types Crucial to Know

By Din Studio on August 30, 2022

A lot of logo types that young graphic designers need to know are available nowadays. Logo designs basically cannot be made without excellent prior plans. Graphic designers should consider making careful plans to be able to create logos optimally well.

The concepts should be based on the logo types you will use. Always keep in mind that logos represent the identities of companies or someone’s work.



Logo Types Crucial to Know


The following explanations talk about seven important points discussing logo types based on the logo textures and characteristics.


Monogram Logo/ Lettermark

Monogram/lettermark consists only of letters, as referred to as its name. The logo patterns can be the brand’s initials and well-known company names. Monogram logos occasionally use only two or three words to be easily recognizable.

Owing to the simple typography, the brand’s identification would be quite easy. A couple of big companies using the monogram logo type are IBM, CNN, HBO, etc. which consists only of three letters, yet easily memorable for the audience.

This logo is useful to shorten companies’ identities which you may apply for any purpose anywhere as it is legal to use. Monogram logo type will be more effective if the initials are simply recognizable.


Word Mark Logo / Logotype

Unlike the Monogram that uses initials to create a logo, this font based logo focuses only on the company’s name, which Logotype will introduce through the logo.

In addition, one example of a brand name which has been well-known and easily memorable is ‘Google’. Through a strong name and typography, the logo has made its own character. Some other logo types make use of their companies’ names to promote themselves.

Despite the short name, Logotype has applied its introductions and methods accurately. Plenty of big companies use Logotype such as Visa, Coca-cola and Ebay which possess similar characters to maximize typography techniques to create logos.


Picture Mark / Pictorial Mark / Logo Symbol

Picture Mark is a visual graphic-based logo design or simply a symbol. People must notice several big companies with symbols as their logos such as Apple, Twitter, Nike, Shell, Android and Windows. Companies’ identities will be easily well-known by using symbols as logos which are quite representative due to their simplicities. This logo type will surely accelerate the companies’ brandings regularly.

In addition, you need to focus only on one symbol when modifying the logo. The ‘Apple’ logo, a symbol of an apple, for example, has been used since its first introduction until today. The design, however, has been modified following current trends  to look modern.

On the other hand, one disadvantage preventing a company from developing by using a symbol logo is that a certain logo has become the brand’s iconic character for ages, which is likely hard to change. The PizzaHut company, a symbol of pizza, for instance, has a difficulty adding new menus on their list because of the iconic character it gains from the pizza symbol.


Abstract Logo Mark

Abstract Logo Mark, which is likely similar to Picture Mark, focuses more on visual graphic rather than symbols. You can use geometric patterns to recognize this logo type. Abstract displays on logos represent only the business in visual graphic-based design techniques. Abstract logo types are applied by Pepsi with a circle logo in three color gradients, Adidas with the three diagonal lines, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu and Yamaha.

You are able to relate the logo’s meaning in one place through colors and shapes. Abstract logo type is actually unique and hard to copy, which is one of advantages companies can have to promote their identities and to get them easily known owing to their uniqueness and being the only one in the world.



It is clear that this logo type uses mascot character illustrations as their main logo. The designs may be cartoons or 2D pictures. Few companies, however, use mascots for their logo designs. Some companies that use mascots as their main logo are KFC with its Colonel Saunders as main icon and logo, Michelin, Pringles, DucxDuckGo and Wendy’s. Customers rarely use this logo type as there must be a strong impression on the design.

Mascots, however, fit better to create healthy, close, fun situations. When mascots are close to customers, branding processes will be successful. That is the reason why a strong impression on the logo to be well-known.

Supposed that there is a duck wandering to take pictures with the audience in one event. Via the duck, DucxDuckGo is trying to promote itself as a search engine family which is unique and the only one in the world.


Combination Lettermark/ A Picture Mark on Wordmark

You can get two element combinations in one logo; Lettermark and Picture Mark. You can put them either side to side, in stacks or dividing into separated and spaced sides.

The mixture of texts and pictures create outstanding displays of logos, for instance, Burgerking, Doritoz, Puma, Mastecsrd and Chrocodile which include in the combination of logo type due to the mixture of texts and pictures on one frame.

As a result of the combinations, you have freedom to modify the logo either to move the picture positions and texts or to change the color gradients, and so on. The logo combinations are easily recognizable to the audience because of the clear objects shown.



Emblem, a symbolic logo, tends to use a letter in a symbol or an icon which then will be in a badge form showing the company’s identity. For that reason, a lot of government agencies and international organizations apply this logo type.

In business logos, Emblem is often used in automotives and any other applicable designs, such as Harley Davidson, Starbucks and Warnerbros. Nevertheless, this logo is hard to modify due to its complexity, which becomes one disadvantage of this logo type.

A logo placed on one frame will be so hard to modify that you have to do the entire modification to change the existing design. Therefore, color gradients are the solving problem to change the existing design by only replacing the emblem colors on the frame.

Starbuck has been successful in doing this modification and able to increase its branding to customers. In spite of its difficulty in making, the emblem remains the only hardest logo to copy. This logo type is certainly unique because, as explained earlier, it is the only one in the world, which is impossible for other companies to imitate.



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