Hidden Meanings in 9 Iconic Logos

By Din Studio on December 22, 2022

Hidden Meanings in 9 Iconic Logos – A logo is one of the significant elements for a company’s or an organization’s visual identity as a representative symbol of the company or organization itself to create a certain image and to develop customers’ brand awareness.

Furthermore, a logo can attract the audience’s attention and differ the company or organization itself from other competitors. 

A logo, a symbol to escalate a brand image, are beneficial in the following categories.

  1. To represent a company’s or organization’s symbol for a certain image creation and customers’ brand awareness development
  2. To attract the audience’s attention and to differ the company or organization itself from competitors
  3. To make customers remember the company or the organization easily
  4. To enhance the company’s or organization’s professionalism and credibility 
  5. To create a positive image for the company or the organization

All logos we see on products, building materials, and advertisements have hidden meanings telling any topic from the company’s history and values to their visions.

Therefore, the following discussions will be focusing on the hidden meanings in 9 iconic logos. Check this out. 


Hidden Meanings in 9 Iconic Logos

Beats by dr.dre

iconic logo

Beats by dr.dre, a headphone and speaker company, was founded in 2006 by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine, whose logo is a circle with a line in lowercase ‘b’ in the center.  This iconic logo implies that the white ‘b’ icon resembles a headset on somebody’s head (the red circle).



iconic logo

Goodwill, a nonprofit organization providing job training, job placement services and other community based services, was founded in 1902 by a group of women to help the needy. The Goodwill’s logo expresses fun, positive, optimistic, and smart images. The thing, however, that many people do not realize is the smiles in two different parts. The first ‘smiley’ is above the word ‘Goodwill’, and the second one is at the beginning of the word ‘Goodwill’. 


Le Tour de France

Le Tour de France is an annual bicycle race in France in a riding cyclist logo form. The favorite element of this iconic logo is the neat typography of a small bicycle rider sketch. To find it, you have to look into the ‘r’, the adjacent black dot and a bright yellow sun, and you will see it clearly. 



Continental is a German rubber producing company founded in 1871 and has now become one of the world’s biggest car spare part producers. This iconic logo is unique due to the ‘C’ and ‘O’ letters resembling a tyre silhouette. 



Cisco System, located in Silicon Valley, was founded in 1984. They gained popularity due to the LAN discovery and have now been working on the IoT and AI. 

Its old logo portrayed a Golden Gate Bridge and its new one expresses similar lines representing digital signals such as the WiFi. 


Baskin Robbins

iconic logos

Baskin Robbins, one of the most famous ice cream chains in America, was founded in 1945 and has now possessed 7,500 branches around the world. Look at the logo more carefully and you will find a pink part. The link part is the number 31 to imply that Baskin Robbins has 31 different tastes. To prove it, you can go to Baskin Robbins every day for 31 days and you will find different tastes each day. 



Subway is an instant sandwich producer specializing in salad containing sandwiches. They have already had 41,500 branches in 100 countries around the world. They utilize the customers’ trends of eating healthy instant food making them gain more and more popularity for the past decades. 

The Subway logo has two arrows in opposite directions representing entry and exit ways of a station or subway. It implies that you no longer need a dine-in, but you can have a take-away package and eat it on your way somewhere instead. 



iconic logo

Unilever is a multinational consumer product company based in London, The UK, with over 400 brands from ice cream to shampoo. This iconic logo may look like a random pictogram combined together to form the ‘U’ letter, but it actually shows that those pictograms are the sub-brands of Unilever.




Vaio is a Japanese company producing computers, smartphones, and other electronic equipment. This iconic logo implies that the left part represents an analogue signal while the right part represents binary codes 1 and 0. 


It can be summarized that a logo is a visual identity to represent an image and a character of a company or an organization. With proper design elements, a logo can show a firm character to increase the company’s attraction.

Therefore, it is significant that a company considers wisely in creating the logo to meet the company’s visions and missions to escalate the company’s success.