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Getting to Know a Flat Design from Its History to Critics

If you are a fan of simple designs with elegant looks, the flat design is right for you.  

Flat design may be one of the most commonly seen  types of design, but the design’s name itself is yet unknown. Read carefully the explanations below to know more about it.  




Flat design is one of the design styles focusing on minimal and 2 dimension elements. It is characterized with the focus on the typography, bright colors, clean designs without bevels, shadows and textures. To make your designs more fun, you can use contrast colors. 


flat design


The History of Flat Design

According to Wikipedia, the flat design is firstly inspired by the International Typographic Styles (commonly known as the Swiss Style), Text User Interface, Modernism and Bauhaus, yet it is much more inspired by the Swiss Style and was introduced in 1950-1960’s. Its main character is the Sans-Serif font, asimetric and grid shapes. 

Up to this time, it has been well developed and used, for instance the flat designs on Microsoft Windows 8 display and on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and so on and so forth. 


The Use of Flat Design

A flat design is frequently used in the following design needs. 

  • Graphic Design : It can be used in a graphic design, as in a resume template. 
  • Illustration : Some illustrations also use this styles. 
  • Icon : Here are some examples of icons using this style. 
  • UI Design : There are many examples of the use of flat designs on UI digital products.
  • Animation

Flat Design’s Characters

It has special characters in the use of icons and illustrations. All of the design elements must be simple, minimal texture, simple typography, simple shape and a little detail. 



Its simplicity of design brings in the following advantages. 

Easily Legible Typography

The typography will be easier to read due to the simple font choice and few use of drop shadow on the picture. 

Responsive Design 

Ideally, the design style of the web page should be in line with your mobile app. This is what responsive design means. By using this, the responsive design will be more easily made because it is easy to adjust.



Despite the flat design’s ease and simplicity, there have been critics towards it. The critic argues that the User Interface (UI) gets harder and a bit more useless. Making all of the elements flat can cause difficulties differentiating each function provided by the element. Research shows that flat designs are more popular to young adults than to the elderlies. 


That is all for the description of a flat design which is now trending everywhere. Find other interesting information related to designs only on https://din-studio.com/blog/.

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