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Games to Train Your Designing Skills

There are plenty of ways to train your editing skills. One of them is through designing games. Editing skills have been crucial in people’s daily lives for many good reasons.

A variety of self-study methods are available to improve your editing skills. If you are interested in improving your skills by playing games, you will have to read along the following explanations.


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A Variety of Designing Games to Train Your Editing Skills

Learning to improve your skills through games is a lot of fun as while you are playing a game, you are improving yourself in picture and writing editing skills. These games are as follows.

The Bezier Game

The first designing game is The Bezier Game, a derived name from a mathematician Pierre Bezier. To play the game, just visit https://bezier.method.ac/. It is accessible via smartphones or PC. After downloading the game, you will receive two options either to use a keyboard and a mouse on PC or fingers on smartphones.

Adjust it as you wish. This game sharpens your skill to use a pen tool on editing applications such as Illustrator or Photoshop. It might be a bit tricky for beginners to operate the pen tool, so that by frequent game plays you will get used to the tool because there will be tutorials for you to follow.

Upon mastering the pen tool well, you will have to play a number of difficulty levels, for example, wrench pictures, cars, and paper clips to finish step by step. You will see the results in line with your work rate. The more experienced and advanced you are on the game, the more quickly you finish each level.

The bezier curve forming process aims to form an object to reach your goal, for instance, filling a blank with certain colors or cutting objects for the next editing process. Object forming must be very detailed and accurate. Never surpass the amount of bezier dots that have been the fixed rule.


The next alternative designing game is Color, which you can freely download on your PC or smartphone at https://color.method.ac/. After accessing this page, you will be directed to go to the Color menu signed ‘Press to Get Started’. Just click on that menu to get started. The Color site will improve your color matching skill, such as matching suitable color combinations to various basic colors.

This simple game is playful and maybe addictive. It consists of various difficulty levels starting from simple steps to more complicated ones. The game designs begin with hue, saturation, complementary, analogous, triadic, and tetradic. Each step gives different instructions.

Play the game as instructed to get the best score. In spite of its easy look, this game is hard to conquer because each game is always timed.

The Color game is useful to improve your design coloring skill because graphic designs do not only require typographies, but also the color variations. Proper color choice will have huge effects on your design attractions.

You will be an eagle-eyed person when it comes to color matching by playing the Color game. Besides, it will save you more time by avoiding using extra coloring tools such as the pipette while you are designing.


Another designing game to train your writing skill is Kerntype, which is accessible at https://type.method.ac/. It is the game that will help its users train their spacing skill in any writing to produce an excellent neat writing result as it refers to the game’s name ‘Kern’ or kerning which means spaces between letters in a paragraph, a sentence, or words.

The front page of the website shows you several scrambled letters and the spaces among letters are not precise. Your job is to arrange these scrambled letters into precise neat ones. When you have finished arranging the letters one by one, click on the ‘done’ button on the bottom right corner of the page.

Then, the score of the precision rate will be 100 at maximum. Just click on the ‘Next’ button to continue the game to the other writing. Keep in mind that only the middle part of the letter can be moved while the other parts cannot. The writing fonts vary from vertical to italic lines. When you have clicked on the ‘done’ button, you will see both precision rate score and a blue letter overshadowing the white letter. This blue letter is the correct letter placement as instructed. You can see that the higher the score, the more the blue letter is covered.

Kerntype game seems hard to do since users need to arrange the precision rate of each letter. However, the more you train, the more you get used to it and you can produce more precise neat designs than before.

Shape Type

Our last, but not least, designing game is Shape Type that will train its users to design a letter form, which is able to access at https://shape.method.ac/. Users will be instructed to match the existing picture to the edited point letter. The imperfect letter form needs editing and changing into such a perfect letter similar to its origin.

The eyes’ sharpness and hand agility are demanded to create the letter form. The Shape Type game is suitable for designers to train themselves to be typographers due to the fact that perception over the lines of the bezier curve will be well-trained.

At the end of the game, your percentage value will be shown to know how similar you create your own shape compared to the original letters.

By playing this designing game regularly, you will improve your skill to create designs. Hence, the more similar the editing to the original one, the higher the score will be to let users know their editing skill progress. To go on to the next letter editing process, just click the ‘Next’ button available.

To be able to create designs more quickly, you do not only need your skill to create letters but also a design object. Once you have improved your skill, the editing process will be more efficient and time-saving.


Those games above require a highly steady internet connection to play, but you do not need any extra device to get access to the game so it saves your memory capacity. All you need to do is just to visit their official websites and start playing. Then, choose one or more designing games as you wish because each game has its own advantage.

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