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Flat Design Style and Its Characters

Flat design is a graphic design style focusing on color and basic form usage to simplify the design and to ease people to read it. Flat design style does not commonly use effects, such as shadows, gradients, or textures to add depth to the design to emphasize its content and function.

flat design


The flat design style is an old-fashioned trend noticeable through the use of simple forms, bright colors, and clean lines. It was first introduced in the 1950s and the 1960s as a response to modernism’s complexity. 

The flat design style was popularized by Apple with its iOS 7 newly released in 2013. This new design was intended to be more user-friendly and intuitive to users. In addition, such design style has been used in plenty of web, character, poster, and other designs. 



The flat design is mainly intended to create simple, legible designs to emphasize on the contents and design functions for simplicity and easiness purposes. Furthermore, it aims to create modern, fresh, legible designs and to be easier to use on several devices such as computers, tablets and cell phones.


Flat Design Characters

 Here are the flat design characters. 

  1. Bright colors. Its simple designs need to use bright colors to deliver visual hints to users.
  2. Simple shapes. The shapes are created in minimal details with the simple two-dimensional vector art. 
  3. Minimal textures. The use of texture is so minimal that it even uses a few gradients and top shadows.
  4. Simple typography. The typography is usually so simple that it makes the UX more efficient, for instance the legible Sans Serif for faster loading.


Advantages and Disadvantages

Its advantages are the design’s understandable, legible display and the easiness of responsive User Interface (UI) making. While its disadvantages are that people may find it too simple and uninteresting. It is also considered less effective to deliver complex information due to the absence of protruding information hierarchy elements. 


The Usage of Flat Design Style

Here are some examples of the flat design usage. 

  1. Brochures
  2. Characters/animations
  3. Icons
  4. Graphic designs


Flat design is one of the well-known design styles due to its minimal, clean displays. In spite of its too simple display, the flat design remains the best option to create responsive, comprehendable User Interface.

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