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Color Combination Ideas for your Food Business

We can’t really separate the food palette from your food business. It functions as a plate, to serve some food, but usually appears in a more aesthetic shape. You can have it to your advantage in your culinary business.

You have to know which design you want, way before creating one. It is also possible to have yourself do it, choosing which colors to use. To come up with a list of best color choices, few things are best to examine first.

food palette


Things to Consider before Designing Food Palette

It is quite important to do your own research ahead of your designing process. This will determine lots of things for you, such as the design style and colors. Since the design for business shouldn’t be done recklessly.

Creating a food palette requires you to already know your design style. You shouldn’t create anything you want because it is one of the most profitable things for your business. Rather, learn these details below.

Knowing your Prospective Buyers

Keeping track of your prospective buyers is a crucial step. If you are having a fast food restaurant, for instance, you should expect to have consumers from all ages. This expectation allows you to create a design palette that appeals to different age groups, effortlessly helping to increase sales. 

Some businesses even provide more than one food palettes. They customize each design for kids, teenagers and adults. You can adopt this strategy as well, using different ideas for sure.

The kids’ designs usually have more images or attractive colors. While teenagers’ tend to get brave and unique designs. You can hire a professional if you can’t do the design.

For adults, their palette design includes eye-pleasing colors and patterns. However, it is also possible to have your older customers prefer kids-like design more. For that reason, knowing your prospective buyers is undeniable. 

Concerning the Target Market Cultures

Knowing your target cultures is as crucial as their ages. In fact, it is much easier to identify your target in the world of food business. Other business fields, however, are limited to age and other determining factors to expand their marketing targets.

On the contrary, you can promote your food product literally to anyone because they could eat without looking at what to eat. For example, a junk food culinary, they have immense or unlimited targets.

You could only know which design style suits your food palette or what supportive article else you should create, once you learned about the target. Of course, you can also sell articles other than food and drink, as long as they are related. 

Dare to be Similar but Different

When other food businesses are doing the same thing, the best thing you can do is something different. Food palette has been quite popular as souvenirs or extra items to sell apart from foods and drinks.

With an abundance of similar ideas used by business owners, it should be fine working on the same souvenirs. Except making some changes on colors or designs.

That makes your palette have a similar yet different look. Thousands of people obviously can come up with the same idea about souvenirs, but each design will make the differences. Explore your creativity to get the most distinctive design idea ever.

It is quite reasonable though to have a food palette with the same shape and size, compared to other businesses. Moreover, their standard sizes are reasonable enough to get some food on them. 

Experimenting Representative Colors

A part of the design process you should also focus on is choosing several colors that suit and represent your food business. Employing colors should be carefully chosen and well-thought before making the souvenirs.

It is best to understand if your food palette colors portray your business well. You can do more experiments to get the most representative ones.

While it consumes your time to repeatedly work on color experiments, having a solid grasp about what the food company wants to convey to their prospective customers is worth trying.

Only by then you get reliable references for your brand colors. To start with, you should learn which colors are appropriate enough for the food palette and appreciate their own meaning.


Color References for Food Palettes

It was an unpopular opinion that a certain way is used to influence customers’ interest in purchasing a product; employing some reliable colors.

The same method is fairly possible to use for the food palette. Make sure to have a firm grip about which colors your customers rely on. 

Red and Yellow

Most palettes come in red and yellow which is believed to evoke the customers’ appetite. These colors also excite the feelings of eating.


Orange is also a color that can stimulate the appetite. It signifies well that you will find this color in most food souvenirs. 


Blue is often associated with a calm feeling and works on a food palette design as well. Particularly for adult consumers who seek calmness. 


Tosca often meets with orange because both colors make us feel hungry. Perfectly work on culinary’s souvenirs. 

Bright Colors Combination

Apart from a palette, this combination also serves well on small-sized souvenirs, such as the food cover, and complement the kids’ favor. 

Pastel Colors Combination

This combination surprisingly triggers our appetite, ensuring us that the food is rich in flavor. Pastel colors also did well on souvenirs targeting customers of all ages.


After all, creating the best design and colors for your food palette is only possible once you have knowledge on which colors would work fine.

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