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Recommendation of 10 Must-Try Korean Fonts

Recommendation of 10 Must-Try Korean Fonts

As the phenomenon of Korean culture continues to evolve, such as the popularity of K-pop, K-dramas, and the increasing recognition of Korean cuisine worldwide, the need for design elements with a Korean touch is also growing. One important element that influences design aesthetics is the choice of Korean fonts.


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Korean fonts not only provide a distinctive feature to a design but also represent the beauty of Korean script, known as “Hangeul.” With their unique aesthetics and readability, Korean fonts have become highly desirable choices for various design purposes, ranging from graphics, and web design, to print media.

Through the combination of these elements, the world of design continues to experience remarkable developments, with designers striving to create captivating works through visual appearances that reflect the richness of Korean culture.

In this effort, selecting the right Korean font plays a crucial role.

Korean fonts convey messages and serve as windows into the country’s rich and beautiful cultural heritage. Thus, every choice of Korean font in a design project is a statement that respects and enriches the cultural values of Korea.

Below, we have summarized 10 of the best Korean font choices that will make your designs stunning. From modern to traditional, each font is carefully chosen for its ability to depict the essence of Korean culture while offering flexibility and high visual appeal.



“Sokcho” is named after one of the coastal cities in South Korea. This font combines the harmony of modern and traditional elements of Korean script, making it easy to read.

With bold strokes and light cursive touches, Sokcho has complete characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. Additionally, this font comes with several alternatives that enrich your design.

korean fonts


Namsan Dream

Namsan Dream’s design features a captivating appearance with a tendency towards square letter shapes. These square shapes reflect the aesthetics of modern architecture often found in the urban landscape of Seoul, especially inspired by the iconic Namsan Seoul Tower, which lends its name to this font.

With letter shapes resembling squares and the distinctive Hangeul essence, this font is ideal for Korea-related branding with a modern touch.

korean font


Gonggi Notes

One of Gonggi Notes’ distinctive features is its thick letter weight, giving a strong and friendly impression to each character.

Despite its bold weight, Gonggi Notes maintains charming round shapes, refining the letter’s appearance. This design is approachable and friendly, reflecting the authenticity of Korean culture with round contours resembling organic shapes found in nature and art. Thus, this font provides a playful and enjoyable atmosphere, suitable for various creative projects.


Daegu Brush

If you’re looking for a Korean font made using brush techniques and equipped with various alternatives resembling Hangeul characters, then Daegu Brush is the right choice.

The Korean style of Daegu Brush is evident through its letter structure inspired by the beauty and elegant flow often found in traditional Korean calligraphy.

This adds authenticity and cultural depth to the font, making it an ideal choice for projects aiming to express a strong impression of Korean cultural heritage and artistic beauty.

korean font


Goseong Sunset

Goseong Sunset is a stylish Korean font that will be the perfect companion for all your Korean-themed designs. This font perfectly encapsulates the essence of Korean culture, bringing forth the emotions and aesthetics of Korean letters.

Whether you’re designing movie posters, creating heartfelt greeting cards, developing engaging social media content, producing captivating YouTube videos, or even crafting unique logos, Goseong Sunset will infuse different emotions and the beauty of Korean typography into each of your projects.



This beautiful font is inspired by the beauty of Korean text, adding elegance and authenticity to your design. If you want to create an attractive poster, Gangnam is the perfect choice.

From logos to posters, stickers to t-shirts, invitations to brochures, Gangnam seamlessly integrates with various design projects, providing outstanding visual appeal.

korean fonts


Hangeul Notes

Hangeul Notes is not just a typeface; it is a work of art that we greatly admire and admire.

By examining each curve and detail meticulously crafted, you will soon understand why we love Hangeul Notes limitlessly.

The harmony between tradition and modernity in Hangeul Notes, its undeniable appeal, and its ability to enrich every project have rooted it in our souls.

korean font


Hello Seoul

Next on the list is… the Hello Seoul font. Are you looking for a bold and strong typeface that reflects the authenticity of traditional Korean letters?

Download this Hello Seoul font and let the joy flow.

This font is highly suitable for various purposes, from travel, poetry, movie titles, food, quotes, book titles, brand identities, and much more.

Let us help you express your creativity with the Hello Seoul font, where happiness meets the beauty of Korean tradition.

korean fonts


Busan Garden

With great excitement, we present the extraordinary Busan Garden font! Inspired by Korean culture, this font brings true style, uniqueness, and iconic beauty.

Its ability to seamlessly align Korean vibes into your design is a marvel. With Busan Garden, a world full of creativity awaits you.

The appeal of Busan Garden lies in its ability to capture the essence of Korean aesthetics. Every curve and line is meticulously crafted to express the joy and iconic style of Korean design.



Last on the list, we present Annyeong, a stylish Korean display font that will be the perfect partner for all your Korean-themed designs.

With bright colors, dynamic styles, and ease of use, this text effect design is a new game that adds fun and character to your work.

Whether you’re designing movie posters, creating heartfelt greeting cards, developing engaging social media content, producing captivating YouTube videos, or even crafting unique logos, Annyeong will embed the cheerful typography of Korea into each of your projects.

korean fonts


Each Korean font has a unique appeal, offering insights into the intricate strokes and artistic expressions of Korean calligraphy and typography. Whether through the graceful curves of a script font, the boldness of a display font, or the harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary styles, Korean fonts leave a lasting impression on both the eyes and the soul.

Download and try them out to enjoy their various features. Get them in a bundle for just $39!

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