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Recommendation of Free Canva Fonts for Timeless Design

For those of us who love dabbling in graphic design, we know that choosing the right font can be the key to the success of a project. This time, let’s delve into something exciting—recommendations for free fonts on Canva that will add a timeless touch to your designs.

The world of fonts on Canva is vast and enticing, making us feel like we’re in an endless playground of letters.

Don’t worry, as we’re about to explore some cool font options that not only exude a classic vibe but also remain stylish as time goes by. This is crucial to ensure that your designs not only look trendy now but also stay relevant in the future.


best canva fonts


Creating timeless designs requires a specific combination of qualities that make the work relevant and appealing over time.

Here are some qualities to consider for achieving timeless design:

  1. Simple and Elegant: Avoid excessive details that can make the design look outdated.
  2. Universal Appeal: Steer clear of temporary trends.
  3. Use a neutral or classic color palette.
  4. Choose fonts that are classic and easy to read.
  5. Maintain consistency in branding elements to create a strong and memorable identity.
  6. Timeless designs can adapt to various formats and platforms.
  7. Prioritize design functionality.
  8. Incorporate innovation into the design, but ensure it doesn’t sacrifice simplicity and timeless appeal.
  9. Ensure the design is implemented with high production quality.

Now, let’s open Canva’s secret box and discover free fonts that will make your designs shine and be unforgettable. Get ready to dive into inspiration because, in this article, we’ll discuss several font options that will keep your work always looking fresh and never out of style.

Check it out!



Breathing is a script brush font with beautiful and elegant brush strokes. It can be used for both personal and professional projects. Currently available in TTF, OTF, and WOFF formats accessible on various graphic design websites.

canva font


Smooth Fantasy

Another free Canva font is Smooth Fantasy, which offers a unique and original impression. Suitable for designs that aim for a unique handwritten feel. Available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats.

canva font



A top-selling font from Din Studio, Gellatio is a beautiful handwritten font made with a natural hand brush. Perfect for creating a natural handwritten script appearance. Use it for branding, merchandise, book titles, social media promotions, invitations, etc.

canva font



A bestseller from Din Studio, Gravity exudes a luxurious and classy vibe. With four style variants, you can create as many signatures as you need. Gravity Signature comes with multilingual support for a global audience. Choose this font for branding, covers, quotes, and wedding invitations.

canva font


White Star

Through White Star, your designs will look beautiful and natural. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters for easy readability. The ligature feature adds to the beauty of this font. You’ll get OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats when you download it.

canva font


Brilliant Signature

Brilliant Signature, the best font for a signature, is free to use on Canva. This font, resembling authentic handwriting, won the fontbundles.net contest in Indonesia in 2018. You’ll get Brilliant Signature Regular Version and Sant Version 1, 2, and 3 in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats.



Brightwall is a charming script brush font designed with semi-connected uppercase and lowercase letters, enhancing the offered design aesthetics. Suitable for illustrating book covers, quotes, wedding invitations, and merchandise.



Andasia is a modern calligraphy font that exudes an elegant and modern impression. Packed with ligatures and swashes to enhance your design. Optimize the use of this calligraphy font for various design purposes, such as invitations, business cards, quotes, flyers, and book layouts.

canva font


Angella White

Unlike the fonts mentioned earlier, Angella White has thinner strokes. However, readability is not compromised. This Canva font comes with ligature and stylistic features to add color to your design.


Wonderful Branding

If you’re looking for brush fonts suitable for branding, Wonderful Branding is the right choice. This font can make your branding look charming and extraordinary. You can also combine it with other font types to emphasize your branding goals.


Safira March

With a clean and simple appearance, Safira March is worth considering as your favorite serif font. Consisting of 9 different styles suitable for various design purposes, Safira March is perfect for creating invitations, web designs, print media formats, or long texts.

canva font



One of the many font options you can use as a digital signature is Flatlion. It consists of uppercase and lowercase letters that connect seamlessly, resembling authentic handwriting. It is eye-pleasing due to its easy readability. Choose this if you’re looking for a feminine font.



Not many cursive signature fonts radiate aesthetics in every design they create. If you’re interested in creating many signature designs, Blastine is the right choice. Equipped with many swashes, ligatures, and stylistic sets, it beautifies your design without making it boring.


Regular Brush

Regular is an elegant brush font designed to emphasize the purpose of your design. This Canva font has uppercase and lowercase letters and is equipped with ligature and stylistic features. Use this font to create posters, branding, titles, logos, merchandise, quotes, etc.

canva font



Pour your creativity into Atteron. Atteron is a serif font designed in uppercase and has a unique design that makes your design look original. Created by Din Studio with a modern and elegant concept, this font comes with alternates, stylistic sets, and swashes. Suitable for creating logos, book covers, flyer titles, etc.



Another bold brush font is suitable for various professional designs. It consists of uppercase and lowercase letters and complete characters that are easy to read. An interesting choice for creating posters, branding, merchandise, titles, etc.



Lovera is an elegant serif font created for professional branding. Its modern style makes the resulting design authentic and unique. Lovera is an ideal choice for creating branding, product packaging, titles, flyers & posters, and logos.


Vintage Rotter

A font with an elegant and beautiful vintage touch. The letters are connected and have good readability. Vintage Rotter still looks modern and is suitable for both digital and print designs.


Black Bones

Black Bones is a simple brush font that is easy to read. This font has uppercase and lowercase letters with complete characters. Ideal for creating branding, invitations, merchandise, titles, quotes, etc.


Feeling Passionate

Feeling Passionate is a simple brush font that depicts happiness. Consisting of uppercase and lowercase letters that are easy to read, alternates, ligatures, and swashes. This brush font can be used for various projects, both personal and professional.

canva font



Sisterhood is a beautiful and interesting scratchy font. It consists of uppercase and lowercase letters, ligatures, and stylistic features that can be used as needed. You can use this font to create posters, logos, branding, quotes, invitations, greeting cards, merchandise, etc.



Express your ideas through Grown, a serif font type. It comes with 18 ligatures and 19 alternates to beautify your branding. This font helps convey a strong, perfect, yet simple look. Designed to look good for various uses, from titles to packaging. Grown is a highly versatile font.



Blueberry is one of the free Canva font that exudes a playful vibe. Suitable for various designs, from professional to children’s designs. Despite being in layer form, Blueberry maintains good readability.

canva font


Occupying the first place on the list, Angelina is a script font with connected letters. This font has 2 versions: Angelina Clean Version and Angelina Dots Version. You can use it to create wedding invitations, branding, quotes, advertisements, and social media promotions.


Better Saturday

One of the choices for signature text is Better Saturday. Equipped with uppercase and lowercase letters and ligatures, it looks elegant yet remains easy to read. Better Saturday is suitable for creating invitations, quotes, book layouts, etc. Available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats.



This font is a fancy script font suitable for various design purposes. With its beautiful curves, Marline makes your design look beautiful and cheerful. It’s a perfect choice for creating titles, branding, social media promotions, advertisements, and merchandise. You can also use it for designs that showcase cheerfulness.

canva font



Lovely is a signature-style font that will make your work enjoyable. With an elegant and casual combination, this Canva font is suitable for creating branding, logos, or product packaging. You will get OTF, TTF, and WOFF files when you download it.



A script lettering font packaged in 2 versions, namely Aniyah Regular and Aniyah Script. Aniyah consists of uppercase and lowercase letters that connect, making it very easy to read. Consider this font for use in branding, quotes, wedding invitations, classic-themed print media, advertisements, etc.


The Bigmarker

Less is more—this phrase suitable describes this font. The Bigmaker is a simple handmade font that looks modern. With clean and easily readable strokes, it becomes a perfect font for corporate designs or formal invitations.


Billion Miracles

Perfect your branding with Billion Miracles. True to its name, this font can work wonders on your design, making it come alive. Comprising connected uppercase and lowercase letters makes it easy for the audience to understand the intended message.


Le Jour

Le Jour is a combination of serif and script fonts that complement each other, creating beauty when combined. This font can be an ideal choice for those working on various design projects. Packed with 58 alternates and 52 stylistic sets, it suits the creation of branding, logos, or any design that highlights beauty and elegance.


With a variety of free font options emitting classic touches and styles that never go out of fashion on Canva, it’s time to let your creativity flourish. Every stroke of writing, every selected letter, is a small step toward an unforgettable creation.

Let’s continue to inspire and express our creative ideas through design, as each font has its own unique story. Don’t forget, in this creative journey, keep exploring, creating, and enjoying every moment of your creativity.

Let the creative journey continue!

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