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By Din Studio on September 3, 2022

Google font is a Google library with more than 1000 licensed web fonts. This is an open source typography design, which is accessible across the Internet, owned by Google

It offers another option to make the best design blog, despite the use of picture or graphic only. You can add more unique and attractive typography as well.


Knowing More about Google Font

Google font isn’t merely a source of web fonts, since it is an open source platform with various font families and icons.

They offer exclusive fonts and icons, making them applicable for websites only. Google font comes with API or Application Programming Interface.

Hundreds of available typography can be adjusted to your design needs and fondness. Undoubtedly, they are such a big help for web developers, giving them endless options for their designs.

From 2011, Google started providing icons too. They come with varied features such as setting, verified, shopping card and others.

However, the font is being displayed only in the HTML page (with internet connection). Making font adjustment offline wouldn’t be shown.

We recommend the use of external fonts for your offline tasks, works or projects. You can check the benefits of using google font in the next discussion.


What Are the Advantages of Using Google Font?

The use of typeface is often assumed wrongly; it is merely a decoration for a web design look. Typography may look simple, but choosing the right typography is essential. The correct choice of font can prove to be important for your website layout.

Branding Improvement

Google Font strongly engages in non-verbal communication for a brand. If you are choosing right, your brand quality will be improved. Otherwise, you are losing your brand and font agreement.

A lack of harmony could harm brand quality. To some extent, choosing the wrong font will detach a brand from its products claimed.

Make sure to care more about how Google Font would perfectly attach to your product message, since typography is associated with your brand credibility.

The Role in UX

The second benefit is Google font plays a vital role in UX design. Adopting inappropriate fonts will damage the contents, making the texts illegible and the website is all over the place.

Ensure the Google Font passed accessibility, contrast ratio and light-weighted standards. Therefore, the used font is legible in any device.


How to Use Google Fonts

It is practically easy to use Google Font. You can start downloading fonts once you visit the official website. Read on for more detail instructions below:

  1. Visit https://www.google.com/fonts . Type typography on the search menu, then choose the ones you desire.
  2. Press Add to Collection and Google will temporarily save the selected fonts. You can search and add more fonts or use them right away.
  3. Press Use at the bottom right corner, then 4 optional settings will appear on your window. Read the 4 usage policies carefully.
  • First, font selection related. Such as bold, italic or both.
  • Second, character set selection. Unless you are applying Japanese or Chinese letters, leave it to default setting, latin.
  • Third, link your website HTML page to Google Font.
  • Fourth, instruction to import fonts in CSS or Cascading Style Sheet.


Free yet Stylish Font References on Google

If you want to choose impressive Google fonts that suit your design, try using free fonts. Here are some to consider:

Yaseva One

First font to recommend is Yaseva One. The name derived from the words “Ya, Eva”, showing an agreement between man and woman.

Yaseva One is a serif look which radiates feminine essence. It has more characters along its continuing progress. 

This font makes a perfect match with rounded Nunito Sans Serif. The duo will give a soft, feminine and eyes-friendliness look. It was last updated in September 2012, 2.0 version.


Move to our second option, Outfit. It is a sans serif typography with elegance, simplicity, clean and visual characteristics. This font was established by a font designer named Rodrigo Fuenzalida.

Outfit belongs to the geometric sans serif family, specialized for brand automation. It is available in various models, ranging from thin to thick and extra bold (black)

The font is widely used in header or headlines of texts, editorials and advertisements. Its geometric shapes indicate the rounded typography transition.


Amatic is a simple yet effective hand drawn on Google font. You can use it as a title or body text and is originally designed for free usage across the Internet by web browser.

This font has great legibility since it was meant for web use. The lowercase letters are often used for a title or text.

Amatic font has a graphic readability, light and roomy feel. It is also available in latin and ibrani styles, coming in enchanted and beautiful typography.


Our next reference is contemporary modern typography with some features, such as structure, soft lines and calm finishing touch. It is called Arapey since the first sketch was made during the designer’s vacation in Arapey, a small town in the north of Uruguay. The italics are slender, rhythmic and convey a certain charm for title and text use.


Mogra is a Gujarat and Latin script font. It emphasizes the definitive Gujarati out-stroke with mass, weight and aptitude. This font is created by a designer based in Ahmedabad, India.


The explanation above tells web designers that good typography should be purchased. However, Google font offers an alternative solution as a source of free yet qualified fonts.

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