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Anti Design Overview (A Movement Against General Design Rules)

Like the term says, anti-design refers to unconventional work of art. It is intentionally made against conventional rules, either in compositions, colors, layout and more.

This movement has emerged since World War II. The term was taken from the first design that rejects the common rules which started off as a reaction to go against American design.

anti design

Visual Characteristics of Anti Design

As anti design expands their influence, we must have seen one or two arts which don’t align with the rules. It gradually happens when this concept has been adapted to wider ranges other than art.

Most people have eventually seen anti-design examples in the world of art without knowing what it is. This term actually points to unconventional and rebellious yet meaningful design.

Regardless of whether the arts bend the rules, they still portray their unique beauty. It is the differences in asymmetry that draws more attention.


Visual Characteristic of Anti Design

Each design bonds to different traits and we have gathered some visual characteristics belonging to anti design for you to read.


Most arts were created in symmetrical forms. Symmetric means regularity and conclusive meaning. Also, these shapes are frequently used in fine arts.

However, if the arts want to challenge the rules with anti-design theory, they must pull out the symmetrical shapes. Every regular and identical shape would be subjected to change with irregular and diverse ones. 

Coming in irregular forms, asymmetry is often thought to be less complicated to do. But creating high value artwork is another thing. Still, you must have recognized these forms on some objects.

Anti-design ideas start to seep in various fields of work. From painting art to clothing design, more industries are using asymmetrical forms. Because it gives the design a unique and divert-attention look.

Overlapping Imagery and Text

For some time, people always hold the concept of constancy on every artworks. This belief started to loosen the grip knowing pleasant and eccentric design was possibly born from inconsistencies. 

Anti-design also takes the overlapping image with text context to their design, in addition to asymmetry. In practice, both text and images would crash and overlap each other, making your design more crowded. And that is quite a trend, for real.

Overlapping text with images is mostly used on clothing design or others, aiming for a more cramped look. This technique heavily relies on the designers skills, whether it is easy or hard to apply.

This design concept is fairly famous for the youngsters. If you are interested in design-related business, you are suggested to adapt this anti-design characteristic. Even for small size objects, it suits perfectly.

Neglecting the Grid

Another characteristic on the list is not concerning the grid, a straight line used to structure design. Using a grid on your artwork or design reflects the consistency and concerns more about the result.

Again, the anti-design flow makes you neglect these lines. The straight lines, just like symmetry, somehow contrast to the idea of irregularity and diversity.

Applying a grid on a design means craving for perfection. It serves a more excellent result only if you combine it with symmetrical forms. Otherwise, the design gives a different look.

Designs without a grid seem imperfect but they still convey remarkable meaning and favorable results. This concept sends off freedom vibes for neglecting the grid.

Clashing Color Palette

It is very appropriate for design associated with color. During the design process, you should consider if the color goes well with the texts or images.

Choosing the appropriate colors has always been challenging since we aim for perfection. However, anti design do not really follow this rule. It prefers more to clash the colors within. 

This special trait has expanded everywhere, including the color clash trend in clothing or special events performing them. The youngsters, undoubtedly, are so into this concept.

Clashing color can work together too in a graphic design focusing on improving results. It would possibly look crowded and inconsistent, but for those who are interested, they perceive different vibes and messages.

Mismatching Elements

The last characteristic is the easiest to be recognized, placing various elements in one place. In other words, designers combine mismatching elements together and create inconsistent designs.

When working on a design, pay attention to the involved elements by choosing and coordinating them attentively. You would not go that far, however, if you come after the inconsistency concept.

Known for the irregularity trait, you can adapt this design for your business or entertainment, much like other people. Since anti design is quite a trend now. 

Compared to consistent concepts in an artwork, the youngsters are more attracted to unique and different things. You can consider this design to use if you need.

Nevertheless, knowing the anti design visual characteristics comes first, far before you apply them on your design.

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