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6 Recommendation Websites for Color Palette

As you start designing, pay close attention to color palette websites and how it will work on your design. Designers should create the right color combination to engage with their audiences.

There are a number of pallet generators you can choose to better assess a potential tone for you. A skilled designer could independently assess the palette while the website adds the last perfect touch.



Color Palette Website Recommendation

If you are super hesitant in choosing the right colors for your design, you definitely need a reference, offering nice and solid coloring.

Regardless of what color you chose, palette will offer better choices. It works great for either interface or conveying design identity.

A perfect color combination requires persistent work, particularly dealing with saturation, brightness and tone. Check the following web list to save your time selecting the best possible color scheme.



This color palette website offers thousands of chic palettes for free. Designers would find beautiful color schemes and save them on a likes-list for users.

Colorhunt updates their website palettes everyday, offering new experiences for their users. Each scheme has a modest yet elegant tone to inspire your design.

Browse the new or popular tab to see the update and collect the latest color scheme inspiration. Users will get the brand essence they are looking for to find a more unique scheme on the website.

With colorhunt, you can bid farewell to saturation, contrast and light settings. It provides everything their users want. Once a scheme meets your needs, you are ready to go.

As a color palette website, Colorhunt proposes excellent color combinations you can trust. It really helps users find the right color, especially their search-by-category feature.


Canva was originally a graphic design tool, which free color scheme generator was added later by the developers. Unlike the rest of the website, Canva requires the users to upload the image.

By then, users can see potential tones and duplicate it. Users can use the available demo images or their images to duplicate the colors into the design.

This process is done within a minute. Users only need to place the cursor on the desiring color. Once a hex code appears, copy and paste it to the color box. And Voila! You get what you want.

Unlike Colorhunt, this color palette website doesn’t update their contents daily. But still, you can experience new color combinations by copying one colors to your design.

Canva is the simplest website yet has the best features among others, because it lets their users upload and duplicate colors for free.


This website is quite popular among designers and used across the industries. The popularity is growing fast, thanks to its modest and accessible palette list on iOS and Android. 

Coloors serves drag and drop intuitive interface for both website and application displays. It is the best website resource for beginners, offering comprehensive results and user-friendly.

Users are able to edit colors or change sequences while the website also suggests other alternative options. With one spacebar tab, the generator will immediately create various color options to offer.  

Additionally, users can create their favorite palette list, copy the hex code and export the palette in url/png. Those embedded features make Coloors one of the best color palette websites. 

Several users also create blue, green and pink to introduce their portfolio. Undoubtedly, those colors look great on their website.


Every process and the best palette list belong to this website, Colorpalettes. It is perfect for designers who work with client characteristics of colors and they need to create complete color schemes.

Colorpalettes has the best feature to create a mock-up. You can make a similar color for your design, aiming for a solid look.

This color palettes website enables the users to choose colors based on the scheme. It shows that different colors and patterns help you to get the best result.

Users can discover new colors and save them on their favorite list. This feature is crucial for a website since users won’t lose their favorite palettes.

Colorpalettes help the beginners collect colors their clients might be fond of. Applying the desirable colors to your design will leave the client in awe, for it perfectly matches their characteristics.

Muzli Colors

Muzli colors helps designers determine the best color scheme for their projects using Artificial Intelligent (AI). The algorithm searches for favorable colors, based on the surrounding tones.

This color palette website recommends numerous colors, values, and optimal saturation for designers’ references. It used users history search to offer them options, according to their personal taste.

That feature becomes their users’ favorite because they get the colors they want. Its built-in modern technology provides various template tones.

You can also place several gradients on on-going design visualization. This color palette website is beginners’ best friend to find the most potential colors.

Muzli colors is not about a new scheme, it is about getting the perfect colors for design. To get more attention from clients.


This website allows the users to make millions of color palettes with the help of AI for the ideas. They can search for a new palette too, using color extractor to match the tone colors.

In addition, users can randomly combine colors with AI technology assistance. They just have to wait for the process to end to get the desirable colors.

This color palette website is a fair site where the users can balance the color combination for more reasonable results. Well-balanced color presents a good feeling to the audience.

Material.io is good for designers who crave for more colors in their design.  and those who find balancing color is hard.


Finding the right tone has never been an easy task for designers, having a reliable source is a great help to get the work done. And a color palette website is the sole solution.

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