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6 Must-Have Best Graphic Design Books: A List of Recommendation

Graphic design books are surely required to start your career in the related fields. It is very common to have them as your reference resources for learning more about graphic design.

The knowledge will allow you to do different techniques for impressive image design. Do more practice for a better understanding.


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A List of Recommended Graphic Design Books

Learning about graphic design is a long journey that you still have to read for more knowledge. Here are some recommended books that designers should have.

How to Be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul’ by Adrian Shaughnessy

Adrian Shaughnessy shared lots of valuable advice in his book, for you who are just starting out in the graphic design career. It is such a good book to have.

The book offers such practical ways to get design projects. As well as how to build your freelance career.

This graphic design book also shares some tips for communication with clients. It provides minute information that covers both beginners and professionals’ needs.

You can learn that insightful information from the expert, Adrian Shaughnessy. He is a graphic designer, writer, lecturer, editor and publisher.

His book is a solution for younger designers whose careers are just starting. Of course, it is an absolute must-read book. 

Interaction of Color’ by Josef Albers

Our next design graphic book recommendation is “Interaction of Color”. Written by Josef Albers, this book is a reference guide for every designer.

In addition, it also served as teaching materials. Josef Albers delivers color interaction, as well as the principles of complex color theory.

This book is strongly recommended for you because it includes an abundant source of color theory. Designers would also learn about color relativity, vibration limit and disappearance.

Along the way, the book also discusses transparent illusion, intensity, temperatures and more about colors. It teaches you how to have a firm grip of color theory in the design process.

This design graphic book surely will answer each question you have about color. Josef Albers, who was teaching at Bauhaus, shares reliable sources about color theory.

The book also has 50 study cases covering topics as color based principles. Furthermore, it is also referred to by both artists and painters to decide their color strategy.

Designing Design’ by Kenya Hara

Kenya Hara’s name is widely known among graphic designers because he is the professor behind the viral Xiaomi logo.

The “Designing Design” book outlines the importance of blank and space in a design. It will serve as a reference to people who love minimalism.

Kenya Hara’s book would also help you do the UI design projects. In other words,this graphic design book is perfect for your reading.

Designing Brand Identity’ by Alina Wheeler

Written by Alina Wheeler, this book has published the fifth edition. It is also a reference guide of the basics of branding for a designer or a team.

“Designing Brand Identity” provides essential information for understanding branding as a whole. Wheeler also involves the readers by offering detailed guides.

The guide features 5 universal steps to develop and implement the brand design. The information given is fairly comprehensive, starting from SEO, social media synergy and branding experience.

This graphic design book helps you to create, builds as well as keeps the brand strong. It also delivers some research, strategies, analysis and application-based development.

Wheeler additionally discusses the identity standard which is good for both branding team or designers to learn about. You will also know the effective way to implement such a brand identity.

The book is divided into 3 parts, they are the basics of brand, the basics of process and completed with case studies. Everything is available to read, from the very first to the last step.

Buku Sakti Kuasai Desain Grafis” by Yulianto

The fifth design graphic book is written by Yulianto which was first published in 2018. He is a professional graphic designer from Bantul, Yogyakarta.

This book delivers different essential theories that a beginner must-have. Such as principles, graphic design history and more. 

It will appeal to anyone interested in working in this field. Yulianto also shares ways to start the journey.

Spare your time to read the book which openly discusses principles concepts to serve as one of our references.

With more companies requiring graphic design skills, the graphic design books are much needed than before. Because the skill is fundamental for a wide range of industries.

Such as advertisement, printing, social media and others. In return, you have to be open to learning about new knowledge, concepts and basic principles, as well as how to have a good starting point.

This book benefits you in a better way, particularly for beginners.

‘Layout’, ‘Logo’, ‘Typography’, ‘Colors’ by Surianto Rustan

Our last recommendation is written by Surianto Rustan. His work entitled “Colors” is applicable for choosing appropriate colors in different fields.

Such as coloring web, brand, print, screen, color and business. In the “Typography”, Surianto Rustan covers everything about typography application in various fields including graphic design. 

Not only does he discuss logos in his book entitled “Logo”, but also about identity and brand. He offers comprehensive information about the latest issues, too.

Surianto Rustan also wrote a “Layout” book which delivers ways to make a layout. Additionally, it enumerates your understanding about various elements on layout and their application in different media.


There are numerous benefits you can learn before starting a career in a graphic design field. Therefore, you should collect and understand the graphic design books.

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