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Avoiding Flat Design with 4 Coolest Websites for Selling Pattern

There will be plenty of selling pattern websites if you want to start selling your graphic designs. Those professional websites helps you to commercialize and make a lot of money from the designs.

Here are some graphic design products you can sell on online platform; typography, scale model, background, UX and UI tools, templates, icons, vectors, and surface patterns.



Selling Pattern Websites Recommendations

We have hand-picked 4 reference pattern websites you can consider to promote as well as sell your designs. Read on the reviews.



Our first online platform recommendation is Freepik.com. This website allows the users free access to their contents.

This selling pattern website is popular among the designers to get free designs or templates. Further, you can also sell your vectors, icons, logos and photos.

Once your work is uploaded to Freepik, it will get a lot more recognition and increase your income as well. If you are interested to be their contributor, you need at least 20 works to be uploaded.

This website isn’t an exclusive platform for graphic designers only, but photographers are also welcome to become premium contributors. Because it is a paid service to upload either design or photo.

However, this selling pattern website doesn’t receive all the payment made from your uploaded designs and photos. Make sure you have good quality product to increase acceptance possibility and being paid based on the numbers of download.

For one download, Freepik makes $0,13 or around Rp1.907. The number seems small but Freepik, as a microstock with free royalty system, is capable of selling the same product multiple times.

One vector can be sold repeatedly, without limit. For instance, if you sold your vector 2000 times, the money you make is about Rp3.800.000 . Make a Paypal or Payoneer account for the payment method.

It much depends on the account you are using for the minimum payment limit. For paypal, it limits to $100. While Payoneer is just $50 with low administration fee.



Next recommendation website is Toptal.com. Toptal is a platform which hiring 3{d808542e3a38684a629614128c7511c0d746b2afbcc597c99adfe2fd933a7222} limited global freelancers. They recruited industrial experts by coordinating company and freelancers.

They apply strict selection process for freelancers, such as screening call interview, designs tests and design explanation. The selection process mentioned are all done in English.

This selling pattern website also gives big reward to their freelancers. It is perfect for those experienced-freelancers and adding prestige to your portfolio or track record.

The recruitment fee depends on the taken role. Approximately, you will make around Rp880.000 to Rp2.900.000 per hour. Learn about more benefits you will get:

  • Get a Toptal domain email name
  • Get a Toptal name card
  • Join Slack Toptal community
  • Organize a meetup on behalf of Topup at your place, then your accommodation is on Toptal
  • Participate at Toptal meet up in different countries
  • Have a big chance to get an overseas scholarship and Toptal will be charged for your tuition fees.

Toptal is the right choice to get new experience or be more professional. Since this website isn’t only about designers, it also connects business with software engineers, financial experts, product managers and projects.

Eventhough freelancers should pass through time-consuming selection process and only work on big projects,  Toptal still has everyone’s interest. Again, because this company has numerous professional workers like software developers, financial consultants and equal management.



Svg.backgrounds.com is a source website for your blog unique look. SVG or Sclable Vector Graphics is a format in picture, using XML to define two dimensional vectors.

Being developed by World Wide Web Consortium in 1990, SVG has become the first image format to release on 4th of September, 2001. This selling pattern website also provides various optional features.

Their offering features are background design, template design website, layout background, fall background, portrait background, animated background and 3D background. Of course, we can always adjust the background for use.

You can change the color, for example, to suit your brand on your blog page. In addition, on several backgrounds, users can minimize, rotate or move certain elements.

Svg.background, the selling pattern website, provides various designs to glamorize your blog, website and application look. It conveys that graphic designers can commercialize their work here to generate other users.

The optional designs are simple shiny, sprinkle, meteor, animated shape, wave, stacked wave, world map, plygon luminary, rect light, blob group, colored shapes, colored patterns, shiny overlay and curve line.

Furthermore, they also also have wave line, icon grid, stock chart, circuit board, circuit primary, sound wave, hexagon, virus, contour line, snow, cloudy, abstract paper, mass circles, and moon.



Concluding our recommendation is Hero Patterns. This website provides numerous SVG background designs for you to use on webpage projects.

Background is one of those matters for a website. It possibly creates a huge influence to the quality of a platform. 

Hero Patterns allows their users to place either selected elements or frame in a grid to create a pattern. This website is founded by Steve Schoger, a UI designer and illustrator from Ontario.

Things you can do on this selling pattern website are:

  • Reorganize elements in NxM grid using the padding option.
  • Scramble and repeat elements to create a pattern
  • Create patterns by selecting random elements,  then Hero Pattern will create sample selections instead of cloning or copying previous elements.

Every uploaded work needs to be attractive and full-colored to use on blog, social media, or website.  Later, users will set their desktop wallpaper or smartphone with same design.

This selling pattern website comes with Wowpatterns, vectors and patterns collection for free download.  To send your designs to Hero Patterns, visit the form on the next webpage.

Hero Patterns belongs to a small group of designers, artists and pattern lovers. For every completed pattern will be paid in correspond to the quality before it is uploaded.


As a graphic designer, technology and internet development brings more chances to make more money. Internet facilitates a graphic designer to promote their work wider.

It would be a great idea to sell your copy of graphic designs. 4 selling pattern websites above will help you to gain more profits.

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